Some of us……..poem

Some of us are able and strong

Some of us are weak

Some of us can tolerate the misery

Some of us shed tears every night

Some of us can pretend that the world is safe

Some of us live the lie

Some of us are consumed with arrogance

Some of us are free to share

Some of you will understand these words

Some of you will not even care

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz

8 Responses

  1. Now how could one not care about what you say my friend?

  2. It is too bad that the bad and selfish “some” seem to get all of the attention while those who are supportive and do the right thing are rarely recognized. I hope you find more of the latter to associate with these days Luisa.

    Good post as always.

  3. Some of us are sensible , but most of us are idiotic–

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