Halloween light show video….Happy Halloween 2012

Be safe. Have fun. Go easy on the candy. Smile. Have a happy, creepy, scary Halloween. Any party plans? I am just staying home and giving out the candy. I will attempt to dress up. lol

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  1. Have a happy Halloween..thanks for all the smiles you provide us all.

  2. Reblogged this on USS Soapbox! and commented:
    This is amazing

  3. Happy Halloween Doraz! I’m staying home as well. I’m looking forward to handing out candy and seeing the kids cute costumes. I like your smiley witch cute! Enjoy your family being hiome.

  4. Quite an interesting video —
    We dont have this Halloween celebrations here -So I am not very familiar with it and its significance I must find out –

    • Have fun reading about it Lviss. Basically, it is a time to get dressed up in weird and funky outfits and go knocking on the doors of strangers and having them give you a treat! Sounds kind of scary, huh? lol

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