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  1. I agree with the 1st one. We do fix things…

  2. Not seen for a long time but back with some nice ones Doraz BTW I strongly object to the first joke –Six months is too short a time –
    A pharmacist to customer-In order to buy arsenic you must have prescription –A photo of your mother in law is not enough –

    Wife–what are you doing ?
    Husband -Nothing
    Wife – You have been staring at our marriage certificate for an hour –
    Husband-I am looking for the expiry date-
    (Jokes from far and near))

  3. I don’t know eventurally can be a long time to wait. Last fix it project I waited forever and than I got tired of waiting so I just jumped in and started to fix the plumbing problem myself. Navar saw what I was doing and jumped in to help. :+) It was actually really rewarding to try to fix somthing I knew nothing about. I felt great after we fixed it together! Cute jokes Doraz

  4. Oh…now that’s the way to start the weekend…thanks for the smiles.

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