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Allergic reaction to medication…OUCH

I am getting over an allergic reaction to a medication I was put on for a possible urinary tract infection, which I ended up not having. When I pick up my medicine, I always ask what a reaction might be. Do you? If you don’t, I suggest you start. If you do, hat’s off to you.

I got a rash. I was so tired I could not keep my eyes open. My eyes were so swollen!  I had trouble walking from my car to my front door. I was very dizzy. I just did not feel like myself.

I went to urgent care and was taken off the medicine right away. I had to wait for it to work its way out of my bloodstream. All of this started because my blood work showed my nitrites and leukocyte were positive. I since found out that sometimes they are and it is fine. I am being referred to a specialist, to be on the safe side.

Have any of you had reactions? If you want to share..go right ahead please.

Always read the labels!

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz


15 Responses

  1. Yes, I had an asthma attack brought on by broncitis and was given penicillan. Not only was I not better 3 days later but I had a rash all over my body and could not breathe or stand. Who knew I was allergic to penicillian–almost died on that one.

  2. Hope you are fine now – I tell the doc straightaway that I am allergic to sulpha drugs and pencillin –More than medicines I am allergic to dust –This is terrible because I am in a dusty place and there is no respite from this –My allergy takes the form of perennial cold and I mostly talk with a twang–Only those are familiar with my inimitable style can decipher what I am saying –

    More than drugs I am allergic to a gathering of more than 3 persons conversing—It is like this for me –When two persons talk they can talk something that interests them mutually –When a third one joins he can be persuaded to toe our line of conversation –When a fourth one joins he will most probably take the subject away to some thing else–I have found this happening very often- So when a fourth one joins in our conversation, , I slip away quietly to restore “status Quo” –Bit of a freak
    Now for some allergy quote –The difference between an itch and an allergy is 100 bucks –

    • Well Lviss, you do have a way with things. lol I love how you explain everything. It is like I am sitting right next to you and we are drinking tea or coffee. I am not happy to hear of all the stuff you have to put up with. Dust is all around us. People are all around us. Perhaps we should all head to the hills! lol I guess we have to leave to adapt to our situation, huh? Pencillin is also something my husband is allergic to. That is pretty serious. If one is rushed to the emergency and they do not know, that is bad.Do you wear some type of id tag? Well, stay well. Do not do anything to aggravate the situation. Be happy! 😎

    • I could follow your line of thought perfectly LVISS it makes perfect sense to slip away when the conversation hits 4 people. Good advice. :+) Also good quote. Here’s a joke What’s the difference between a good hair cut and a bad hair cut? A: Two weeks. :+)

  3. Good morning Doraz sorry about your allergic reaction I know that can really be scary. I have had an allergic reaction to antiboitics twice. Once I couldn’t breathe and had a rash. So when I take a new antiboitic I’m always a little nervous. I’m also a little allergic to wood smoke.When there are fires and smoke around for days I can have smome asthma symptoms. Glad you are OK.

    • Starla, breathing problems are not fun. I hope you have learned to manage them to where you can handle it. It is not fun! I was told I have low grade asthma and chronic bronchitis a while back. I started running everyday because I did not want to take meds. Running was my miracle. I have been lucky. No more problem for 28 years! 😎

  4. Glad you figured out what action to take right away…hope your are feeling back to normal soon…take care.

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