Believe in Yourself….

If you have ever felt like things were only going to get worse. If you have felt like you just did not have what it takes. If you have just resolved yourself to being a failure. Then, listen up. You are not alone. Many have been in the same situation before. Many have felt like they just wanted to stop everything. Many have felt like they just did not have what it takes to succeed.

I feel many come to these conclusions because they lack support. Many lack love. Many lack friendships. Many lack family.

There are also many out there in this world that REALLY do care. They REALLY want to help. They REALLY want to give you whatever inspiring words you might need to move on. I say to you all, find these people. Look in your community. Look to your religious institutions. Look to your governemnt agencies. Just take the time to look.

Reason being, you do matter. You do count. You do have a statement to make to this world. You do have what it takes to succeed.

Succeeding can mean many things. Good health. Good friends. Good family. Good job. Good peace. Good judgement. Good…lots of things.

Just Believe in Yourself. You have to be the one to take the first step. You have to be the one who makes the right choices about your life. You have the power. You just might need a little support along the way.

I never pass on support. I never pass on opinions from others. I never pass on acheiving peace within my soul.

Make today to first day of your new challenge. The world awaits. Stay well. Stay healthy. Smile often.

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz

15 Responses

  1. Most people think that becoming rich is succeeding–In pursuiit of becoming rich they become desperate –You become rich only if it is pre ordained –Nobody can take away from you what God gives and nobody can give you what God does not want to give you –This may sound a bit defeatist but this is a fact -Looking at my own life I am left with no choice but to believe in destiny-How do you explain the success of some people who look innocuous to our eyes –They have the support of the ONE who matters –I wanted to become some body but something always seemed to pull me back -What is it ? I am kinda stuck in this —
    If ignorance is bliss then why arent there more happy people
    Every body laughs in the same language
    When you begin to blame others you give up the power to change-
    BTW the picture of the penguins is my desk top picture right now -Did we arrange it to be so – No it is pre ordained ha ha –

    • Lviss, you ARE somebody. Right now you are a person who is providing us all with wise words. I do listen. I do understand. You do provide inspiration to all who visit my blog and read my comments. There are many. So, keep visiting. Keep positive. Always smile. I LOVE your words. You are a winner to me!

  2. What was that quote…”Believe in yourself…it’s all you got!”…hope your new week is filled with joy and love.

  3. That was really great Doraz! I’ve always felt inspired and encouraged by your blog and your blog name. It always reminds me to Believe and like you say to reach out for suport when I need suport. Great post Doraz! :+)

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