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  1. I was so inspired by this song last night, I just had to share it with whom ever is proud to be an American. I LOVE all countries, but I am especially happy here. 😎

  2. Back from a long lay off . Where have you been –
    The video is good but the audio seems tom have taken a bad knock —

    • Hi Lviss. I am not back yet on a full time basis. Thank you for the info. Maybe I should delete the post and redo it? I will be going to Texas to see my son soon. I may get back to normal soon. lol Hope all is well with you. 😎

      • The audio is okay , Keep the video on-The mistake is mine -I didnt have the audio on–I had lugged the earphone and trying to hear it raw through my ears –Signs of the times perhaps —
        Going to Texas , dont forget to take the hat —
        The world is a page and those who do not ravel read only a page –Saint Augustine

        • Hi Lviss, thank you for that quote. I like it. I am going to bring a few hats. I plan on going shopping and trying to find a cool Dallas hat! Wish me luck. I will be happy to model it if I do. Be sure to stay well and happy. I love it when you come for a visit. 😎

  3. Have a great weekend…a perfect song for the 4th July week.

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