Secrets to losing WEIGHT fast*

What would the answer to that be? I need to hear about some NEW amazing way to lose weight fast. I am tired of losing it the slow way or NO WAY. lol I do understand that if you take weight off slowly, it tends to stay off longer. I do not believe in FAD diets. I believe in eating the right foods.


Please explain!!!

Have a great week.

Believe in yourself;

Luisa Doraz


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  1. Hi,
    I just love your food triangle, I noticed it has all the “good” food on it, I could go a burger and ice-cream if your offering. 😀

  2. I think as you… it is important to eat the right food. Last year I lost ten kilo in a few months but during summer I took again… It is so difficult to lose weight but to take is so easy… and I try to lose again… But what was the last time to help me to lose weight. First of all I changed my food habits and also cooking way too… I made a list for low Glycemic Index food and I tried to eat them and also I cooked with steam all vegetables… I didn’t eat any fast food and also anything fried… I cooked always in the oven… But I also walked everyday and also I made everyday pilates too… and I drink 12 glasses water everyday… I need to have this way again in my life… Be sure it will work… Thank you dear, have a nice new week, with my love, nia

    • The Glycemic Index food is something I use already. Exercise is the key for me. I love all the hints you gave me. I just have to stay strong and move ahead, right? lol Stay well and happy. 🙂

  3. Well , the fight against becoming weighty or feeling weighty is a bit difficult-
    Long time back I think I wrote something about eating habits -It goes something like this– Finish a light breakfast before 8 am or 9 am –Then till lunch time avoid any solid food –If anything have only some juices – Then at about 1pm have a light meal . Dont overload -Have just a cup of tea or coffee in the evening -It is in the night you should have a detailed meal that too finish it before 9 am . After this have nothing till next day breakfast time-At first it will be difficult to switch from our habits that die hard –The first change you will notice is that you dont feel a bloated stomach and feel very light there – At no time you should starve and try to lose weight quickly–
    I switch over to this routine whenever I think my stomach is appearing to dominate my conscience -It works for me —
    Having said all this there is also the hereditary factors that will make some fat–

    • Lviss, you are right. A while ago you gave me some very useful guides. I do eat early in the am… 6 am to be exact. Then, the problem is…I have a snack in between. The food choices need to change for me. I do all protein in the am and lunch. Dinner I keep light. Then, I do wait until the am. The key for me is EXERCISE!!! I was recently in a car accident….all is fine. I quit the gym because I am overly cautous now on the road. I am staying home a lot and having friends drive me around. UGH I will get over it!!!! 😎

      • Try replacing ” That snack in between ” with some juices–
        I didnt know you had an accident –Hope you are fine–
        I may be wrong but I think exercise makes you tired –Instead of doing rigorous exercise just walking in the house slowly from room to room may help -As for me I start panting even if I climb the stairs –So I dont do any rigorous exercise–To compare my present state with those days when I was playing every other sport actively without getting tired or sweating makes me think that life is cruelly and deliberately divided into many distinct parts , not necessarily connected with one another —

        • lol I love your comment, as always. I do walk a lot also. I go out of my way to park a distance to the door…wherever I go. I think that walking is VERY healthy for you. I do not really like juice. I do drink a lot of coconut water. Delicious. 🙂

  4. I’ve noticed the spin classes really help to take the weight off fast…I suspect it depends on the instructor more than anything…good luck!

  5. I’m sorry to hear you were in a car accident. I hope you are OK. I know how it can be being really worried about driving after such an event. When I was younger I was in two and I can be nervous riding in cars.

    Looks like you had some good advice above me. As for snacks somthing I’ve done recently is to put healthy snacks out in small bowls. Like fruit and nuts things that you like so instead of going for the really yummy stuff you reach for the healthy snacks.

    • Thanks Starla. I did not want to bring everyone into my mess!! It is one of those where they say I ran the light…I say they ran the light. No witness. We shall see what happens.
      Meanwhile, I do try to eat the healthy snacks. I love apples and carrots. I also love cookies. lol 🙂 Stay well.

      • I Love the sweets too. I have found having all good snacks out on the counter has helped me not opening the fridge and cuboard as much. Another thing I’ve been doing is watching Dr. Oz right now he has a lot of really good and helpful ideas on getting healthy and looseing weight. I have also started to make my own cook book with recipes I’ve clipped from First magasine and printing some from the the Dr. Oz show and other shows. I was saying to Navar the other day it takes awhile to change how you cook. We spend a life time learning to cook a certain way so for me collecting new recipes with the focus on veggies and low fat things. Anyway those are my thoughts. Also the commitment in my head saying this is what my small goal is and IM GOING FOR IT! Finding fun exercise. Accountability too can be helpful. I know it’s easy to hold at the same weight. I was going to the gym and my weight did not go up or down it just stayed at the same place. You would think with all that exercise it would budge. I guess it has to be a food/exercise change drats…:+)

        • Starla, I love it. A girl with a plan. It sounds like it should work, but will it? The big question! 🙂 At one time I thought Dr. Oz made sense. Now I still think he kind of makes sense, but he is also pushing products…in my opinion. Stay strong. Get Navar to help!

  6. i am currently looking for a fast diet way too. good luck. 😛 and yes, i am back. i missed your blog.

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