INSPIRATIONAL thoughts worth repeating*

My friend Mitzi sent this very inspirational work from Lao Tzu. I thought it was well worth passing on to you all. I believe in the words written. So wise.

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz


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  1. I love this

  2. I love the quote; it is very popular and and definitely good advice. But we don’t actually know who said that. Sometimes it Lao Tse, here it’s Lao Tzu, most site “author unknown” and I even once saw it credited to Ralph Waldo Emerson. It is very Zen Buddhist, and again, wise words.

    “The problem with quotes from the Internet is you can never be sure who their from.” -Abraham Lincoln.

  3. Hi,
    A fantastic quote, so true. 🙂

  4. Had read that just the other night…you’re’s worth repeating.

  5. Beautiful words from a beautiful thinker/poet… Thank you, with my love, nia

  6. What happened to my comment-
    Buy a new watch and watch your destiny–

  7. Hi Doraz,

    Long time no see!

    Just curious, I saw this phrase attributed to Gandhi in a book by Tony Buzan. And I have always been curious who is the real person who said these words. If you look in the internet, you will realize that this quote is attributed to another person (that I do not know).

    Any chance you know where in the Tao dejing did Lao Tzu quote this? I believe that he implied it only.

    Just seeking clarification on the quote.


    ~ E

    • 🙂 Hi! Glad to see you are still blogging. No, I do not know the answer to your question. My friend sent this to me and I just posted it. I guess it remains a mystery to many. 🙂 Hope you have a great weekend. Have fun blogging.

  8. Wonderful Words of Wisdom. Hope you are doing well Doraz. :+) Hope your keeping cool not to hot in the summer sun.

    • Hi Starla…Sorry I have been away so long. We have been taking RV trips close to our area. It is so calming to get away from all of the phone calls we get. I love just talking to new friends we make along the way. Hope you guys are having a great time in Montana. I will try to keep in touch better. 😎

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