Distraction…. a POEM*

So I am thinking about the world

Wondering how everyone can get feed EVERY day

I am sad that so many are not well

I am wondering how I can help

I wish I had unlimited funds available

I would divide them all fairly

I would make sure everyone had a place to live

That everyone could feel the embrace of LOVE

As I get deeper into my thoughts

I begin to notice a weight on my shoulders

I am gravitated to my chair

To reflect on the world as it is

The more I reflect

The more I realize that I am only one

I realize that the world needs to unite

The world needs to be reading the same book

So now what I am doing is packing up my RV

I need a distraction

I need to see the BEAUTY of the world

I need to remain balanced

so I can do my part

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz

6 Responses

  1. Balance or inner hamony is important if one wishes to help others…without it one cannot see what is possible because they are blinded by their despair.

  2. I also very often think that I could do with more money to spare for the underprivileged –I sometimes cannot digest the fact that disparities abound in this world–I see an inner urge in you to help the needy

    –We used to have a small organisation called SNAP ,Society For The Needy And Poor in my Bank –We used to collect whatever money from colleagues and sponsor one poor person each —
    On a lighter vein –Now tell me What do brunettes miss about a great party—1– 2– 3 Time over -It is the invitation —

    • Lviss, you ALWAYS get me to laugh. I love your presentations. 🙂 I am happy to see that you understand my empathy. I was a Social Welfare graduate. I worked for years with the welfare department helping people get food, housing, and whatever else they needed. I now give my time, as often as I can, to do what I can. Stay well/ 🙂

  3. Greed & hatred are what I believe are the 2 biggest barriers to solving many problems. If only everyone would put into practice Jesus’ teachings of loving our neighbours the world would be such a better place. Sadly the greed & hatred will continue because so many love to be greedy & they love to hate others different to themselves. It is sad but sadly it’s a reality.

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