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    Doraz on Vacation
    slpmartin on Vacation
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    slpmartin on Everybody wants to be someone…
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    slpmartin on Peace
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    Doraz on There is always love
    slpmartin on There is always love

VIDEO to help you relax this weekend….*

It is the weekend. Don’t worry….BE HAPPY.

I LOVE IT! What a message to us all.

Smile often.

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz

8 Responses

  1. Always a good song to start the weekend with…keep smiling my friend.

  2. Hi,
    I haven’t heard this song in ages, I just know it is going to stay rolling around in my mind. 😀
    Have a great weekend.

  3. The song was a great hit when it came first ,Simple tune . Did it not win Grammy award ?
    Now have you heard of a blonde
    Who studied for her blood test /or One who thought that the capital of California was C / Or who had tyre marks on her back becoz she began crawling when the sign said “Dont walk”/
    Here is a clue to make a blonde laugh for a joke on Sunday –Tell the joke on Wednesday .

    • Awards? I bet you are right about that. Lviss, I am laughing at these jokes you share. Where do you find these? lol Stay well. 🙂

      • I think it won a grammy award I heard that George Bush liked it very much .
        Thank you Glad you like the blonde jokes . You get a lot of them just by searching for Blonde Jokes .Lot of them .
        My last instalment of B Jokes’ I can recall
        Why are blonde jokes small/ So that brunettes can remember them (This pulls down both yeah)
        Why blondes never call 911/ Becoz there is no number 11 in telephones
        A blonde skeleton found in a cup board /It was last years hide and seek champion’s .
        Heard of blonde trying to kill a bird by throwing it off the cliff .
        How do you kill a submarine full of blondes/ Knock the door

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