I’M SICK OF IT…..a series of thoughts/questions I have …..4/18/12

Why are there some people in life who expect to be served on a silver platter all the time when they should just lighten up and eat at a fast food place like the rest of us do?

You all know who I am referring too, right? There is always at least one in the bunch who feel that this life is meant to be a place where THEY get served, forget the rest. I know you all know someone like this. They are people who feel they are the only ones around who deserve the best in this life. They feel if anyone should have it, it should be them. They would never buy a coffee from a local fast food place, it has to be a speciality coffee shop, right? I have to admit that sometimes I do treat myself to special times when I go out. It does not mean I think I am anymore special than anyone else, it just means that, for me…mentally…I need a break! So, I do spoil myself then. That, in my opinion is fine. I just wish that those of us who can afford more things in life than others just do not brag about it. They should be able to talk about things, just do not be so arrogant. That’s all for now. I just wonder if I am the only one out there who thinks this way. What is your opinion?

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz

14 Responses

  1. Although I feel life is to be enjoyed…I don’t need someone being arrogant about their choices.

  2. Its like people having more choices do thing about it and opt for the best. and people with no option, no matter what it is, they have to adjust with what they have. Similarly a poor person cannot think about much thing in life, but can dream and ahve aspirations though, finally he has to adjust with what he has.

    • People have to adjust to what they have and what they do not have. Attitude is everything, in my opinion. I have seen many people who have a lot, but they are not very happy. I believe in always do my best for all. Hope you are well and happy. 🙂

  3. There are plenty like these characters . They think that anything that does not serve their cause is to be denigrated –Not worth it –They are something more than being selfish —
    Talking of poor I will try to reproduce something I read recently . A well known person was travelling in a country which is basically comprised of poor people –Her impression after the tour was that though people do not have much they do not complain and appear satisfied with what they have — The country and the person ? The spirit with which people approach life is more important isnt it —
    I also indulge in some wild pursuit in food But when I come out of restraunt and see a person who cannot afford it I feel sad —

    • Lviss, I do appreciate your feedback. I am always very interested in seeing your comments. 🙂 You do bring up MANY valid points. I wish all people in this world shared love and compassion to one another. Stay well.

  4. Yeah I know the sort you mean. It’s like they brag to elevate themselves & make others feel bad. I am way behind in my blog reading so please excuse me for not going through all your older posts. Frantically trying to catch up with everyone. Have a great day Louisa.

  5. I do know folks like this and am glad that I can distance myself from them as I have gotten older. I pursue substance in people now–and the people you describe display little.

  6. I think life is for learning and luckily for most we get the opprotunity to learn lots along the way. Being compassionate is a good thing I think sometimes arogance is just not knowing what it’s like to walk in other peoples shoes. Not that I wish that on people. Living in the United States I think we are sheltered in some ways. I recently heard that for a country with so much abundances there is a lot of unhappiness. I appreciated LVISS comment.

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