I’M SICK OF IT…..a series of thoughts/questions I have …..4/12/12

This next thought relates to all of you. When it comes to men and women understanding one another, you have to admit that things do get weird at times. I am not talking about every aspect of relationships. That would be something I could write a book about. lol I am referring to the way that men and women communicate. Maybe I should have said the way they DO NOT communicate. lol Here is my thought.

Why do men and women speak different languages and have failure in communicating what the heck they are trying to say?

I believe that unless you happen to actually speak different languages, there should not be such a struggle. lol I believe part of the reason is because men tend to “think about” what they are going to say and women just “say it!”I kind of like the “just say it” better. The reason is, I am speaking from the emotions I am feeling at that particular time and the other person should be able to recognize them. (Of course, this is not always the case.) Men who sit there and have that puzzled look on their face because they do not know what to say without the fear of being yelled at, I tend to feel sorry for. A man should be able to express his emotions as well and the other party should be sensitive to them. I always take a breath and smile before I answer my hubby. That helps me to observe. It helps me to respond in a positive way instead of saying things like, :What an a**hole!” lol

There always tends to be an underlying situation brewing in the other person that makes them say and do what they say and do. Be aware of that. Be sensitive of that. Do not just “look” for a reason to get into a fight. Look for a reason to show “love to one another.”

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz


10 Responses

  1. There is something in these talks between a man and a woman which most of us push it under the carpet –Men like to discuss events , any kind political,sporty, comical –And most women like to discuss people at length –Most men get disappointed with this shift in conversation and they fall silent as if they have swollen a python– Ultimately both end up saying the other person doesnt understand her/his” feelings”( which really means” liking their subject of conversation “) One more thing is , boredom sets in men more quickly than women during a lengthy conversation- It is difficult to wean away a man from talking about “events” and women from talking about “people”–If they can consciously exchange their topics to satify the other there is some hope .
    PS–When this kind of conversation goes , it is as good as speaking in different languages Please correct me if I am wrong –

  2. I believe the only language is ‘love’…no need for anything more sometimes. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  3. You had me at “What an a**hole!” for some reason this made me laugh. :+) Yes, I think it’s always good to be sensitiive to each other. I always remind myself everybodys entitled to a bad day now and than. I agree relaxing and taking your time in conversation is probably a good thing.

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