VIDEO I am sending out to my special friend*

I tried to find an outfit in my closet that would match those worn in this video, but I failed. lol I just get a kick out of the styles back in the day. I have seen MANY people wearing STRANGE stuff in Hollywood. lol I think I might even be one of the strange ones. lol I MIGHT try singing this song for you all and posting it. What do you think? Bad idea? lol

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz

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  1. Nice to see this video .Terrific singers . Thank you . You are on a video rampage of late . But you didnt mention the special friend’ s name If I am not mistaken it should have been “Special friends’ ” in plural .Right
    Since u r giving us lovely videos there is one which u will really love to put in this blog It is called “The beauty of pollination HD”. You will like it very much.

  2. What di I think? Good Idea or bad idea? Great idea SING I would love to see you sing. :+) I enjoyed this video. Your right the outfits amazing. I was just thinking this morning of some of the crazy things I wore a few years back. Sometimes I would think I’m either really rocking this look or people may be thinking who in the heck dressed her today. :+) Look forward to seeing video hopefully.

    • So, that was you they were referring to on the news last night? LOL

      I am sure you look COOL, no matter what you have on.

      I MIGHT sing…one of these days. lol

      • Mights good I’ll settle for might. I remember watching a bunch over your videos a long time ago. They were really fun to watch. I supose I could rewatch some of them. I know Navar would love to learn a few Italian words.

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