Fun VIDEO for the WEEKEND celebrations*

This video is one that is sure to make you smile and sure to make you relate to your dating days. lol I hope you are all planning a weekend full of family time. Friends can make the days a lot happier also! What ever you plan to do…BELIEVE and life will not look so bad. I plan on having family over on Sunday for Easter. I am going to be cooking up spinach ravioli, veggies of some type, salad,, a fish dish, and a beef dish. A little bit for all to enjoy. My mom will surprise us with the dessert. My younger brother is surprising us with the yummy bread. I do believe I see more gym time in my future, lol

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz

9 Responses

  1. Hi,
    Oh yes a fantastic song, and I loved the Shrek movies so that was fun to see bits of that as well, and did you know that the HI in your side bar was in perfect beat with the song. 😀
    A great post.

  2. A delightful video to lead us into the weekend…have a great day sharing time and dinner with family!

  3. You must also see the original of this song by Monkees . Very young guys singing it. This was one song we used to play as instrumental..

  4. That was really Fun! I’m a Believer MMMmmmmm Ah… I see LVISS says it was by the Monkees I remember that. :+)

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