Boy..did it snow!

All I can say is, I sure am lucky my hubby grew up in snow storms in Jersey! The snow just would not stop. It was so beautiful when we were in the cabin having drinks near the fireplace. It was kind of pretty when we could see where we were driving on the way home. It was nasty when we had low visibility. I was having all kinds of panic attacks! My hubby just gave me that look! I guess being married to me over 25 years has made him that way! lol We managed to have a VERY relaxing time. We watched movies, ate delicious food, took walks in the snow, had lots of tea and coffee, and managed to say hi to a few of the neighbors before it was too hard to walk in the snow. My hubby got the snow blower working in the morning and it was not snowing at the time. Right after we loaded up the car and secured the house, it hit us big time. We just looked at each other and drove ahead. I do admit I did a lot of praying until we hit flat land. lol I LOVED the trip. Who knows when we go again. Hopefully soon.

Have a very eventful week. Be sure to smile often.

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz


10 Responses

  1. Pictures! Cool you look good! I think the Winter conditions agree with you. I’m glad you had a chance to kick your feet up and relax. I sure know how stressful it can be driving around in the snow.

  2. Look pretty…but a little cold I would think…glad you had a good time.

  3. Good pictures. I guess it is your New Jersey home.Does it snow in California ? I have a niece living in Jew Jersey and another one in California .Saw a bit of it in Washington DC That was enough to scare me.

  4. Wow! We had 85 degrees today which is about 30 degrees warmer than normal. I guess I prefer ours over yours in March. At least it looks like Spring here!

  5. The snow is beautiful but I really hate driving in it.
    Stupid WordPress is telling me to log in to comment when I click post comment but I am logged in…
    OK I’ll log out & back in to see if it works

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