What did you expect?

I do my best to make the day

One that is full of laughter and smiles.

Did you expect me to sit around and act depressed, like you?

Well, it is not in my character to be negative.

So, you can make a choice.

You can join in on life and take it on strong.

Or, you can act defeated and let life take you down.

Life does not do that, you know.

You can only take yourself down.

Switch it up.

Be honest.

Be realistic.

Be positive.

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz



6 Responses

  1. Always a joy to read my friend!

  2. I try to be positive always .—But if you really look at things happening around you , sometimes you develop a sense of despondency–Yes I have to be positive-as positive as can be .

    On a lighter vein is it of any help if I have a positive blood group at least —

    • lol Lviss, I LOVE your attitude. Yes, I do agree that being positive all the time is kind of being naive to what is happening around you. The way I see life, I see EVERYTHING around me..both positive and negative, but how I respond to what I see is always POSITIVE. My response is important to me. Do you get what I mean? lol I do! lol 🙂

  3. I agree happiness is a choice. I also think life can come at you with diffictulies one after another. I find the shortest distance is through the storm and to be honest. That way your being true to your feelings and when joy is there you can be honest and share the bright light of your joy. I think LVISS is right we are living in difficult times. I just looked out the window the sun is riseing and it’s going to be a beautiful blue sky day, but I’m sure there are people crying on this earth somewhere today.

    I like your poem Doraz and this part…” be honest, realistic, and postive.” I appreciate that you always remind me to smile.

    Smile awhile than people will wonder what you have been up to. :+)

    • lol Yes, that is one of the reasons I smile. lol I love to watch the faces of people in this life. I also see negative, but as I explained to Lviss, I believe my response to what I see is very important. I remain positive because it is only then that I might be able to help. Negative is too focused on YOURSELF. Positive is being more empathetic to others. That is the way I see it anyways. lol 🙂

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