Happiness is defined by each of us in out own way, as it should be. I believe a person should be able to be who they are…with NO conditions. I mean, as long as a person is not hurting someone else, they should be able to express themselves in ways that make THEM happy. I am happiest when I see smiles on the faces of others I am with. That makes ME feel very happy and content. I recently had my birthday celebration. My hubby made me happy by gifting me with this very attractive top. I am smiling because I KNOW the torture he went through for me. He hates to shop! lol So, for him to actually take the time to pick something out for me…makes me feel even happier. So, whatever it is that makes you happy in life, do it. What are you all waiting for?

Believe in Yourself;


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  1. Truly said. Its so much easier to go with the flow than to do something that really makes you happy.

  2. Good advice. I am fortunate to have found happiness. I like the top!

  3. So true and you make me smile so your doing a good job 🙂 Have a great weekend Doraz 🙂

  4. Now that was a true act of love…going shopping for the top…I hope he got home uninjured. 🙂 Have a great weekend Doraz!

  5. great advice dear, and we should stick by that 🙂 happy weekend xx

  6. Good advice my friend. I am happy when I hear the voices in my head talk to me. For those who want to meet them click on my name and take a vist to jbstuff. Have a great day and weekend.

  7. Have you seen people participating in comedy shows make people laugh loud keeping their faces sour.
    There are some work for men for which there are no exciting alternatives. One of them happens to be aimless shopping with or without the beneficiary.

    • Here is one more thing to surprise you. Open type your name in the search , click open and see what you get. Like it ?

      • More surprise for u Open and type your name and see something amazing. I am trying to locate my other blogger friends pages but unable to do .

        • LOL Lviss, you have my head spinning tooo much. I have been so surprised at all of the information out there in this world of the internet. 😎 Thank you for taking the time to bring all of this stuff to my attention. Yooo cool and amazing. Everyone should check this out. Thank you my friend. 😎

          • Of the three I liked spezify most. You can turn over the the page holding it with left click and dragging the page both ways like u do in laptop to get more results. The link “about ” at the foot of the page gives instructions for using the engine. It is amazing

        • LVISS that was a great link! I like that you can move the page with the mouse. Fun Stuff!

        • Thank you for being such an awesome VP. The job is still yours, if you want it, when I return. lol 😎 Stay well.

  8. I so agree with you. We should be making ourselves as happy as possible without hurting/harming others.

  9. What a beautiful top! Your hubby did a great job. 🙂
    Happy Weekend, Luisa.

  10. You could say you received a DOUBLE birthday gift from him! Nice one, Louisa. 😀

  11. What would make me happy today?
    Well I already jog/walked 3 miles, that makes me feel good. Tonight I get to go to a birthday party for the oldest living survivor of a rare genetic disease.
    She turns 16. The doctors said she would only live till 3 years old.
    I credit her loving family, but I guess it really was God.

  12. Judging by the picture, you must be the happiest person in the world. lol

  13. I’m looving the smile, ad the advise itt too good… You make 1 great advisor you should have a column on a nwespapar… I’m trying to get over a death in the family, it happened today, another was in July so blogging hasnt been poossible, oonly thing good is I can write decent poems from the trauma and feelings that come with it… Will talk my friend, miss and love you lots.

    • Life is what it is and we must survive the best we can, huh? I hope you stay who you are…one of the most passionate people I have had the honor to know. 😎 Hi to the family.

  14. Two thumbs up for Hubby. Very Pretty pick, bet it looks great on you! It is a good idea to live well now and not put of happiness I agree.

  15. What a wonderful gesture…for him to go while not liking the shopping part!! That is exactly what you have said above…your face tells it all gorgeous girl!!! Your happiness shows and wraps off and for that I thank you xxx Have a happy week my friend xxx

  16. Will remember to do things which makes me happy . By the way you’ve got a really nice hubby ! His choice is a good one !

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