PG-13 CARTOONS…Men vs Women…LAUGH with DORAZ*…week 8

Take a look at these cartoons my friend Pam S. sent me. I have seen some before, but they still make me smile. Hope you have fun with them.

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46 Responses

  1. Lol
    I love to rule the world

  2. Bwahahaha, Louisa!!! Great start to my day… heeheehee!!! Thank you, my friend!

  3. muhaha, ho ho. thanks.

  4. Before women take over let us leave in PIECE..

    And 103 retries

    In 2020 he will be lying on the floor to mark the downward progress.

    Yes I did laugh loudly for a change.

  5. Miss Doraz.. lol you made my day hehehe this is really hilarious.. well have a great day ahead . keep smiling 🙂

  6. Lol, these are brilliant!
    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  7. hahhaha loved the one with the old woman lol, made my day xx

  8. Hahahahahah what a great way to start my day!!!! LOL, laughed so much…and so true too!! Sending you loads of love xxxxxxx

  9. Oh…my Doraz…such stereotypes…what’s a sensitive guy like me to think? 😉 As always…I’m laughing.

  10. This is drop dead hilarious 🙂 So funny and most of it is true ha ha 🙂 Good one Doraz you have a wonderful day and thanks for making this sad face smile today.

    • I hope that you smile every day. 😉 Have fun with all of the crazy stuff in this world. It makes the day go by faster. Today a man yelled at me because I was nice enough to leave him room to get out at the gas station…and he thought I was blocking him. 😕 Oh well.

  11. lol. These cartoons are genius.

  12. Poor guys; they are always getting a bad rap…. but I have to admit, most of these made me smile! I guess we girls better watch out for whoever might put some cartoons up with the slant the other way. 🙂 Heartspell Hope all is well… been missing you. Happy Weekend!

    • Thank you. I hope that you have some very fun moments this weekend. I have been busy trying to stay afloat. I am happy every day I get on this planet, so I take it one step at a time. 😎 I will do my best…always. Stay the beautiful person that you be. You make me smile. 🙂

  13. That’s two good. I am afraid that neither sex will be able to figure each other out.

  14. needed a good laugh today,

    thank you



  15. Great cartoons. Love the droopy measurements on the doorpost

  16. Thanks for the SMile today. Funny cartoons. Happy Friday!

  17. brave,

    these are truly fun!

  18. Hahaha! Brilliant! I hadn’t seen some of these before. Great stuff! 😀

  19. haha – regardless of this being a ‘tad’ one-sided (lol) this post really made me smile!!!! 😀 Have a great weekend xx

  20. Funny Doraz. The Mrs. breaks sterotypes with the confusing switch picture–she is much more handy than I am arond the house.


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