This is really cool! And yes, I got up off my chair to try it! It’s freaky!

This is the craziest thing I’ve seen in a long time.
For those of you in the 21st century (e.g. Blackberry
Owners), you’ll need to look at this on a PC. You also
have to get out of your seat and walk away from
your computer. People may think you’re crazy. But it’s well worth it.

When you look at this picture you see it’s Albert Einstein.

But if you stand 15 feet away it will become Marilyn Monroe.
Now what do you think of the reliability of eyewitness testimony?


See if you all can figure this one out.

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38 Responses

  1. Whoaa!! Clever!!
    Good one, Doraz!! My hyper hubby just glanced at the screen and mentioned Monroe (first) and Einstein.. I had to look a bit harder though! 🙂

    Really enjoyed this one!!
    Hugs to you from NY….

  2. Wow!!! Interesting.

  3. Yay, that is so weird! Really crazy.
    And I love the image you’ve put up for my link, many thanks, Luisa!

  4. It is so interesting Luisa…if you want to have a look also at Salvador Dali’s paintings (1940 painting Slave Market with the Disappearing Bust of Voltaire) to name one …is well known and it is called “hybrid images”…amazing and blows my mind!!!!! Thanks for sharing girlfriend xx

  5. Hehehe! Clever… Thanks Louisa!

  6. Walk away from my computer!!!
    Are you nuts???
    OK I am willing to take the risk but I don’t see what difference it will make I know Albert Einstein when I see him & I couldn’t possibly mistake him for Marilyn Monroe.

    Hey that is a photo of Marilyn Monroe. Unbelievable, amazing & astounding, How do they do that.
    Well I learnt one thing from all this. I can walk away from my computer & actually survive the experience

  7. That is uncanny! It was Marilyn Monroe and then it was Albert Einstein again. Thank you for sharing.

  8. that is a very clever number game.
    Nice trick with the picture too

  9. I can’t get that far back, but I achieved a similar effect by allowing my vision to blur.

  10. well, i thought you were joking. 🙂 naah i did not do any thing only read the answers and got the answer.

  11. Okay…not that’s just too freaky for words…but in a way rather funny…thanks again for the smiles.

  12. That was freaky the game did you open the other doors too? Marlynn Monroe had a mustashe. I’ll try again.

  13. I saw Albert Manroe

  14. I thought picking number 7 would full it. Not so fast.

    Fun stuff Doraz.

  15. Had seen the number game before and enjoyed it…. the picture thing is so intriguing. Thank you for sharing. Hope this finds you well… I have missed you, my friend. Heartspell 🙂

  16. Dearest Doraz, for some reason I can’t get any of the pictures to show.

    But I think YOU are awesome!!


  17. Oh wait — all pix showed up after I posted that comment!

    Funny to imagine his mustache as MM’s smile. 🙂


  18. Hiya! Hope you are doing well. Sorry I’ve not stopped by lately. It’s been ages. We’ve got to have a coffee and catch up!

    • Sounds like a plan. 😎 I figured you were just toooo busy are you were blogging part time now…like I am. Hope all is well and you are smiling often. IOh, do you have Hazelnut coffee??? Get it going. I will be right there. 😀

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