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  1. Wow, what a handsome man!!!
    If he didnt scratch… his ass, I bet that he is one of the most attractive men in our world!

  2. LOL…unfortunately it’s too cold right now (winter) but I could easily change places with him in summer…coffeee, scatching the bum….and forward we go….Loved loved loved this!!!! Happy times and many smiles to you my dear friend xxxx

  3. Doraz… just cuz you are out in the sun, you are doing this to the rest of us huh!???!! hehehehe… you naughty girl!

    Very very casual indeed! I really wonder why this chap’s wearing those itchy socks ! I get a feeling they must be really smelly too…eeeewwww (pinching my nose shut)

    • ewwwwww….I just got the sniff of it too!! 🙂

      • Amanda and Kavita….you have got me laughing so hard I am crying and have a stomach ache. 🙂 I can happily pose that way for you all, but I am afraid you might mistake me for ??????. lol 🙂 Are you kidding, I was only kidding. I would NEVER do that…well, maybe for a million dollars. lol 🙂 You guys keep having fun. I needed that. 🙂 Thanks.

  4. Bwhahaha… you guys! 😆

  5. My dear, dear Doraz, you made my face turn firey red. hehehehehehehehehehehehehe You have a nice weekend my funny friend.

  6. Funny I like that he’s drinking his coffee. This must be Funny Friday. :+)

  7. Well, with that outfit, the socks seem to make him look overdressed. Ha! Thanks for sharing.

  8. He better be careful if that coffee should spill on his ding dong lol

  9. Oh…my…my next door neighbor is going to be so upset when he finds out his photo is on a blog. 😉 Thanks for the smiles Doraz

  10. lol as always very amusing, have a great weekend mrs xx


  12. So funny, Luisa! Looks like he’s having a wonderful time with himself! He seems so free…except for the socks! 🙂
    Happy weekend! Heartspell

  13. Too funny! Loved it. Thanks for the laugh!

  14. Hey!!! Where’d you get that video of me from??? 😛

  15. keep rocking…

    laughter makes one younger looking…

  16. Ha ha ha.. I wouldnt mind casual friday on the set od greys anatomy those people are hot

  17. Very funny, I hate it when he scratches – eeeh!!

  18. Why is this guy lefthanded?
    Just another case of picking on a minority. hee hee!

    My ratio of scratching to coffee is 10 to 1. hee hee!

  19. There are many people who love nudist beaches. I wonder if we are going to have an era of nudist offices. Only problem is that, offices will become very romantic. Those who complained against the distractive dressing of a hot new employee will be fuming their heads with law suits ! nice post.

  20. Thanks for putting a smile on my face with this one 😀 – ha ha. Where do you get all of your material from? You do a great service to everyone by providing so much variety and laughter on your blog! 😀 Thank you!!!!!

    • You are tooon ice. I just do my best to try and find jokes I like. My friends also send me some. If you haven’t visited my other blog….that I do not do, right now…plz do. It is a collection of my favorites I found. Have fun.

  21. Hi Doraz,
    Had a tome finding you! Great reading every time I visit.

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