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  1. Hahahahahahaha!
    Think a little photoshop was involved?

  2. LOL! Poor puppy! I bet he’s wishing for a seat belt.

  3. HAHAHAHHAHA!!!! I wonder if he tugged onto his seatbelt just he tugged on to dear life! 🙂
    I guess the dog was thinking ” Why did she have to volunteer me for the crash test?!?!?!”…LOL 😀
    And granny looks so calm…
    AWESOME pic, Doraz!!!

  4. Cute phote hope he or she has a break on their side. Imuse my passenger break often ask Navar.:+) He threatens to get me a little plastic wheel.


  6. the image is hilarious,

    what a breathe taking post.

    Happy Thursday Evening!

  7. Hang on there, Rufus! Get ready for impact!! Heartspell

  8. LOL, my dog goes with me in the car many a time…I am going to laugh now every time I take him with 🙂 Thanks for making me smile x

  9. ha ha..!! this is so funny doraz!! I could almost hear him gasp..!!

  10. I would have not even been around this dangerous looking dog ! The old lady is too brave a soul!

  11. Lol, this photo reminds me my Dad!
    A few months ago, I was sick and my Dad had to carry me to my office. He is 60 years old now but he always thinks that he is Schumacher and he drove as if he was on F1 way!!!!
    And yes, I had the same feeling as this poor dog!
    Understood all!!!

    • 🙂 You are sooo lucky to have such a strong dad. If my boys needed me to do that….NO WAY. 🙂 Hope you have a weekend fun of many smiles. 🙂 Thanks for stopping in.

  12. lol. 😀

  13. The old lady is so calm but you can see the dog has a few things to get off his chest… Cute picture D

  14. haha. i know that look….smiles.

  15. Nothing like a passenger seat driver. Funny.

    Have a good weekend Doraz.

  16. Ha ha ha ha poor lady and poor that dog do you know how terrifying it is to sit in the passenger seat praying for this journey to end with you out of the car in one piece 🙂 Kissing the ground upon exit, I know that feeling and so do that dog 🙂 Hilarious!!

  17. Ha Ha Ha 😀 thanks for a morning laugh Louisa that stunned/worried look on his face is a classic!!!. I think the dog should be driving. He seems more alert…

  18. lol 🙂 You have a good point Tony. Hope all is well. Have fun.

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