Why is it that some people just LOVE to go around throwing off NEGATIVE energy into the air???? I mean, give me a break…some days have GOT to be better than other days…right? Don’t you realize that just having another day to wake up to is a gift in itself? Don’t you realize that as long as you are alive..anything is possible..good or bad? I want everyone to give this world a lot of POSITIVE energy into the air. It gets contagious, you know. So, when you get ready to fire out something nasty and weak…stop..appreciate life…smile…then say something nice. It does not mean you are not in tune with reality. It just means that reality does not control you…you control it.

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz

Just a Note: I will be around this weekend…off and on. See you soon. Be good and have fun.


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  1. We haveta be good? Where’s the fun in that then?

  2. Ahaa… positive vibes all around the place huh ?!
    But I agree with you, Doraz.. And you have done your bit really well, with this one! 🙂
    “reality does not control you…you control it” — I am gonna put this up on my desk, as a favorite quote!
    Everyday is a new one indeed.. it’s up to us what we make of it!
    Lovely and uplifting post!! Thanks, Doraz.. (hugs)

  3. Yes, these words are so true! Positive thinking is the only way to have a happy and rewarding life. I love your blog – it rocks!!!! Chloe 😀

    • Rocking is GREAT. Except…if it means an earthquake is gonna hit. Then, I ROLL out of town. lol 🙂 Keep smiling. Thanks for your kind words. 🙂

  4. Kill them with kindness…in the best way. It is always better to say something in a nice way…Heartspell

  5. everyone has the right to shine,
    YES, being positive is important,
    being judgmental is misleading or hurting…

    I know people disagree,
    but respect is needed….
    RESPECT, that”s what you are talking about?!
    Triple cheers!

    ROCK ON.


  8. You are so right…and just wish everyone in this world could realize that!!! You my dear friend, are such a positive link in this community and I just love you for that!! I wish you THE BEST weekend and know that YOU are loved!!!! Love and hugs xxxx

    • Right back at ya. You have a great attitude on life. I love to come over to your blog and see all of the beautiful stuff you are sharing with us. Keep it going strong. I just love it. 🙂 Have a happy weekend. I am blogging a bit, and then I go meet my mom for a bit. Then, I have rented some DVD’s. Time to relax, right? 🙂 Memento and Loser’s. 🙂

  9. You are allowed to achieve whatever is possible in this life. You need love and support from the family. I have found that over the years, they are always there for you. I like your thoughts on positive attitude. I know you do act that way. Thank you for being you. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. Very correct . Positivity is contagious ! I will remember next time when I’m about to say something bad I’ll try and say something good, that way I’ll do a bit from my side in an effort to spread positivity.

  11. Oh thanks a lot for this post full of positive energies. 😛
    Take Care.

  12. I do agree with u Doraz. Positive energies around is very important.

  13. But it’s so hard being positive EVERY day..!!!
    Can’t I be fed up and miserable occasionally, Luisa? Please……

  14. Wise words. You always make me pause to reconsider being bummed out, either from humor or good advice. Thanks, D

    • Thank you for your smiles and your inspirational writing. I love to just admire those photos of yours. 🙂 You do a wonderful job in our community. 🙂 Thanks.

  15. I couldn’t agree more. I try to not to let other moods affect me, but try to keep smiling and beaming positive joy their way. Maybe it won’t affect them at the moment, but hopefully later they will remember and pass it on.

    Keep the vibe alive. Happy weekend, dear friend.

    • Angelia….I am sooo happy to have you along for the ride. You brighten the day of many. 🙂 I smile all of the time when I visit your cool blog. Thank you for being you. 🙂

  16. I totally agree dear, well said ,have a great smily day xxx

  17. they are really pitiable. who just cant realize most of the days in our life are pure bliss. of course there are times when we just cant feel it but even then they are.

    your pic gave me a big smile- its warm and happy just like you.

  18. Had a bad day today, w just finished burying my dad’s younger brother… I came here because this blog is my feel good place, how are you D?….. Negative people are a drag, I mean honestly there are good days in life or at least a good hour ha ha.

    • I am sooo sorry for your families loss. I can only imagine the strength you needed to help you get through the day. I hope you are now settled and resting. Do something that makes you happy, You sooooo deserve it. I just appreciate the kind words you always send my way. I just am sooo happy to see you back. 🙂

  19. You have to know how to zone em out

  20. Interesting. I have seen some people who no matter what position they are in, they somehow try to appear calm and cool even say careless. As if it doesn’t matter. But such people do have lot of stress inside them. But their cool nature eases the stress of others around as well.

    • I have seen people like that. It usually catches up with them…in a negative way to their health. I know that we all need to come up with ways that we can cope. It is an individual thing. Have a great weekend now. 🙂

  21. hoping for a cheerful day.. and a happy everyday.

  22. Having fun? Yes! Being good? I’ll never tell!!


    So sorry, I’ve not been keeping up with your wonderful posts as I d love to. I’ve been very busy of late.

    But here I am!

    And this post rocks!! (As do YOU!!!)

    I LOVE the idea of following-up our little slip-ups with sending our healing vibes. I raised my voice at my daughter yesterday out of my own impatience, but immediately apologized, hugged her and told her she is awesome. I am learning!


    • lol 🙂 You are awesome. 🙂 I do my best to try to make a negative turn into a positive. 🙂 Do you like your image on my blogroll??? OK with ya?? 🙂

  23. Oh my and the say Yang is masculine….there must be a misprint in the orginal text. 😉

    • What is Yin/Yang?

      The yin/yang symbol is a metaphor for the constant dance between the masculine and feminine energies within each one of us. Yin is the female energy, the intuitive, receptive, nurturing side of ourselves that is in connection with the Divine. Yin is the energy that yields to the forces around it, flowing, and smooth — the force that allows a seed to germinate in winter and makes water flows smoothly around a stone in the creek.

      Yang is the masculine energy — the strong, action-oriented, forceful side of ourselves that gets things accomplished. Yang is the force that makes a seed sprout in the spring and makes strong flowing water move or sculpt the stones in a creek.

      Each of us, whether male or female contains both of these characteristics. In a healthy balance yin (the female energy) receives intuition and inspiration from our souls and the Divine, while yang (the masculine) acts on these inspirations.

      If you feel out of balance–either uninspired, inspired but not taking action, or active without any inspiration at all, then your yin and yang energies are out of balance.

      Why are we out of balance?


      Fun reading. Yin/Yang. 🙂

  24. It does not mean you are not in tune with reality. It just means that reality does not control you…you control it.
    Very powerful words Doraz.
    Positive energy is all we need to put things right, if life seems out of order! Thanks for this amazing post!

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