The Cat in the Hat gives his opinion on aging.

Thanks to Pam S. for this one…


40 Responses

  1. oh mannn… what should i say! poor cat, or poor death?!?!
    🙂 what an attitude!! AWESOME!

  2. oh dear. It sounds too familiar. No No.

  3. Oh My Goodness this is so good, and so real sad to say Ha Ha

  4. Things to look forward too? Haha…

  5. he he he 😀

  6. lol 😆 .. OMG I seriously love your blog!!!

  7. Oh my that was funny, I adore a good belly laugh, …..

    A good sense of humor, the tone and lyrical style of the poem was clever and witty, nicely done.

    from thursdays rally

    two posts today one is for jingle.

  8. so cute post. 😀

  9. This may just be the nicest thing I’ve read, strange but true.. I enjoyed it, gotta admit mr cat makes growing up sounds like a pain in the behind.

  10. Ha! Love it! I know it’s good when I want my parents to see it. 🙂
    Hey, we made it to Friday! Enjoy your weekend.
    And, I don’t know if you won yet, but we are getting close to Aug. 1st. Why did I draw out the deadline like that?

  11. Hopefully have some more years to go.

  12. Yeah, that one’s fun. I’d heard it before but not illustrated on a Dr. Seuss cover.

    Have a great weekend!

  13. I have started it well today. I got to go shopping and had lunch with my Aunt Kelly. Now I get to blog a bit. I will be over to see what fun you are up to. 🙂

  14. OMG….you had me laughing out loud so much!! You rock girlfriend!! x

  15. Getting older is so much fun according to the Cat in the Hat! We shall have to grin and bear it. Heartspell

  16. loved reading it,
    best humor ever…

  17. We got a kick out of this one. We needed the laughs today. Have a nice weekend.

  18. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!! Brilliant & so true
    It’s nearly midnight so I’m going to bed now

  19. lol this was interesting hehhe xxxx

  20. Ha ha ha ha! Hey, wait, is that what I have to look forward to? Waaaaahhhh!!!!!

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