“So Dad left when he found out about Mom and the Panda.”…LAUGH with DORAZ*

Think about all of the wild and crazy stuff you have heard over the years. Blows you away, huh? I love that we can be who we are…as long as we do not hurt anyone else while being us. Have fun. Smile. Be nice to those around you. Make their day.

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz

49 Responses

  1. My dear friend, that is what makes the world a wonderful place to be in…if everyone could live by the rule of not hurting another…you have just made my Monday afternoon brighter…loved the picture!!! Smiles all the way oxo

  2. Nice post Doraz.

  3. I really enjoyed reading this post, esp. cuz I was thinking on similar lines today itself! I was wondering… Even if I keep doing what I really like and enjoy, without hurting others in the process, there is at least one person that gets hurt (with or without our knowledge!) .. And usually, this person is someone real close.. But then I thought, if they really like me so much (and it’s mutual), then we will both understand.. I guess that’s the best part of something sacred.. not having to explain! 🙂
    Lovely read! Thanks a bunch for spreading the smiles around, Luisa… it’s infectious, and in a very good way too! 🙂 😉

  4. You are simply adorable . You are so nice 🙂

  5. Ha! I needed this on a Monday. It takes extra smiles and I found them here. Thanks my friend! 😀

  6. Think you may have discovered the world’s 1st barking panda! Have fun, be nice, and smile…. you’re the best, D

  7. What a sweet panda dog! 😀

  8. awe thats really sweet, all u can do is sigh, beauty to the eye xxx

  9. Short and to the point . . . an important point. Thanks for posting. 🙂

  10. What a precious dog! Dad should’ve stayed! Thanks for the bright spot! Heartspell

  11. Exactly. Feel good and help others feel good.

  12. love pandas,
    cute story lines here.
    you never fail to entertain everyone!

  13. So true. I am so happy when I am who I am as ordinary as that may be.

  14. lol. this is so funny

  15. OMG — that’s funny and Kelly saw the pic and wants a doggie like that. So do I! So so so cute.


  16. Just want to congratulate you on the award!!! You deserve it so very much!! Lots of love girlfriend! x

  17. that does indeed make the world a wonderful place…thanks for spreading the love!

  18. U r so sweet!
    However, ur question of “Who we are? Who am I?” reminds me about Teen-age’s thoughts. Whether u come back “teen” period?
    Ur panda is so cute!
    But… pls dont make up ur eyes like this way!

  19. Hey, one more…requirement from me: Pls set up a “subscribed by e mail” in ur blog. It is more comfortable to me and some others to receive ur new information as soon as possible.

  20. Doraz you are my decompression chamber…I look forward to the smiles you bring to my day.

  21. That is one cute puppy! Great compliment to some great words of wisdom!

  22. If someone did that to a polar bear, I bet a lot of people would be quite angry. hee hee!

  23. Oh Wow a doganda, I’m guessing since it’s a cross between the 2…. it’s the cutest thing I’ve seen in a very long time.
    If the whole world lived by these rules what a wonderful place it would be…. You’re one smart lady

  24. that pic is so adorable 🙂
    he/she really looks like a mixture of panda and dog.

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