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Just do it…
You know you want to…
Do not be so stubborn…
Do not fight the need.
Just go on…
Yes, you…
You can do it…
I know you can…
Life is what you make it today…
Make it a day full of smiles.
I won’t tell anyone…promise.

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz

Happy Birthday to my dad.
He would have been 80 today.
I will be celebrating it with my mom and brother.
See ya soon.


28 Responses

  1. Great poem, 🙂
    made me smile,more

  2. oh okay i did it, but only for you doraz! 🙂

  3. The best way in geting people to smile
    is by making it enforceable through the
    law of the land / thus those in failing to
    smile / can then be brought to account.

    Such can easly be done making part of
    the police force responsible upholding
    the smile law in having the right by law
    in using force against “anti smilers’ an
    force where the “anti smiler” be given a
    sharp electric shock by an smile officer.

    Of course the shock should be within
    reasonable strength not so much that
    it causes permanent damage or harm
    but enough to bring a offenders smile.

    One also bringing back thee old public
    stocks to village square as city centre’s
    “anti smilers” be placed in stocks put
    on show where members of the public
    can be provided with an cane / where
    have the right by law to cane offenders.

    If taking such approach then within six
    months a smile would be a permanent
    feature on one’s face / many problems
    being solved at a sweep / with a smile.

    There could be KEEP SMILING adverts
    to remind people / with an smile officer
    pointing toward their / electric stun gun.

    There’s a minority whom would reject
    the smile law as find the punishment
    for offenders shocking however most
    members of the public giving support.

  4. I am smiling with you and hoping the celebration of your Dad is a joyful one…Happy Dad’s Birthday to you! Heartspell

  5. I am definitely smiling 😉 who won’t smile after reading such a wonderful poem 😀

  6. happy birthday to your dad! that is awesome…can you see my smile?

  7. Some people have the uncanny ability to reflect all the gifts that they were given in their youth today…you are such a person…we all celebrate the gift that both of your parents have shared with us…YOU!

  8. Oh yes we can!
    A very happy birthday to your sweet dad! I am sure he is watching you guys from wherever he is, and smiling ear-to-ear!!!

    I love your positivism, girl!!
    Have a fabulous week ahead!
    Many many hugs…

    • Why….just look at you. 🙂 You are tooo nice to me. I am smiling big time here in crazy CA. 🙂 I send hugs back your way and a wish for the best days ahead. 🙂

  9. I am always so late with commenting and getting my kick for the day because of the time difference…but I promise that today will be all smiles!! Thank you my friend…and to you too ~ Much love xxx

  10. 🙂

    Happy Birthday 2 Your DAD,

  11. Something tells me you are a chip off a happy block, and that your dad is looking down and smiling at you always.


  12. dont know about others it made me laugh 🙂

  13. happy bday to ur dad….have a great day…n thanks for ur smile:)

  14. I was wrong to think you give me the award,
    I happen to have another poet offering me one,
    sorry for the error…

    Happy Sunday!

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