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12 Responses

  1. Well, I do love Jesus, but I don’t believe in talking on a cell phone or doing anything else while driving. That is a sure way of His angels taking you out of this world. LOL

  2. I do know people that do. Maybe they will come up with a hands-free text, voice control for those that just have to and can do so safely, or without a Jesus meeting. LOL.

  3. I agree with viola 🙂


  4. Yesterday, I saw a wrecked car in the mall parking lot with these words on the back window: Please don’t text and drive (and lots of arrows beneath, pointing downward to the damaged back-end.) Huge impact… Heartspell

  5. I’m surprised I’m seeing more and more people these day’s texting and driving. ;+/

    • It just drives me crazy. I wish they would just pay attention. If I see someone doing it..I honk at them. Of course, I keep my distance. If you gotta text….pull over and do it.

  6. Well I don;t know any such people who text while driving but yeah have seen people talking over their mobile phone while driving .

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