Please join me in wishing JINGLE a quick return to blogging. When I visited her just now, she said she was not feeling well. She needs to know that we all want her to get well soon and that we love and support her. She does soooo much for us all. So, just click the link below….and drop her a quick note of appreciation and love. My thanks to all of you. You are all so supportive.

Have fun today…

Luisa Doraz


28 Responses

  1. She sure does a lot of good.

  2. Jingle we love you and are wishing you a very quick recovery. I will be praying for you so get lots of rest so you can come back to us soon.

  3. thanks for always looking out for everyone doraz…and their smiles.

  4. Have a quick recovery Jingle you will be missed.

  5. Hi Jingle I was just thinking about you today. :+) I’m sorry to hear your not feeling well. I hope you are on the mend soon. Best Wishes, for a speedy recovery!

  6. Dear Ji – you are in my thoughts and prayers and always in my heart. Our friendship will always endure. I am thinking of you my dear and lovely friend.


    (Hi and thanks dear Luisa my friend, for your timely message on my page and as you will have seen I posted my prayers and love and wishes to Jingle in tribute on my own page (and also as comment on her page) , as soon as I read Jingle’s post earlier today (see my page link above, anyone else who wants to read what I posted).

  7. I was just by there earlier, looking at all the pretty awards.
    Will do!

  8. take your time.
    Make sure you actually recover first.
    You give so much

  9. Ji,
    Take good care of yourself. Don’t spread yourself too thin. I know things get overwhelming and you feel you are letting so many people down by not doing all the things that you do. We all adore you and would never want anything to harm you.

  10. Thank you for letting me know, Luisa. You are so kind, and I do wish Jingle a speedy recovery.

  11. My prayers are with her.



  13. Sure Doraz.

  14. I pray for Jingle and I m sure she will get well soon.

  15. I think the best way to honor Jingle is to keep reading and commenting on each other’s work. Yesterday I went through all those who commented on my work and made a page on my blog for it. I thought it a little more special than a blogroll.


    feel free to copy.

  16. add my prayers with all the rest..

  17. Jingle’s last post asked us not to send e-mails or ask questions so I was reluctant to leave her a comment, so I’ll do it here … Jingle, hope you are feeling better soon!

  18. dear doraz,
    it was really sweet of you to let us know about jingle. I will drop in her blog too to wish her.
    she is a really sweet girl. full of adorable spirit. just like you are full of sweet warmth and affection.

  19. Thanks for doing this for Jingle, Doraz….. We have all certainly benefitted from her tireless efforts and she deserves our love and support. So, Jingle… here is love, love, love, and best wishes for you to return to your lovely, cheerful, wonderful self very soon… consider this a giant warm embrace from all of us here.Heartspell

  20. JINGLE!! Please get well soon, we all love you and think you are sweet, fun, awesome, caring, talented and devoted.

    Love, Jannie

  21. thanks doraz for taking this initiative.I’m so sad to know that jingle is n’t feeling well.she has done so much for the community , she is the brain of the community , she has worked hard to bring everybody together and to reach out to fresh poets.I love her suuport and encouragement.I wish her a speedy recovery and I look forward to her return ; I feel a vital element is missing in our community.Jingle is sweet supporstive and strong, I ‘m sure she ll go over all obstacles to come back again .



  23. Doraz, Thank you so very much for your love, kindness, and for simply being caring and cool….

    also, thanks to everyone who have left a comment here,
    your words are read and your voice is heard…your kindness is appreciated…

    jingle feels much better now.
    I will not blog full time during summer break, but will set up a schedule so that we meet at least 2 times a week…

    you are all blessed..

  24. she does just tooooooooooo much and no matter what we do it’s just not enought pay her back 🙂

    she is the best and no matter what ppl say she can never be a bad person at all..

    She just took too much to her heart and mind 😦

    I missed her so terribly. Kinda got boring without her 😦

    glad she is back 😀 love you jingle 🙂

  25. She certainly is a marvel!!! As are You! I’m slow on the uptake as I was MIA for a couple of days….but THANK YOU for the head’s up! Big Hugs to Both of You and Namaste. 🙂

  26. I can only say Jingle is a gr8 person.

  27. This is so sweet of you to cheer up Jingle. She is a wonderful person!

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