If you ever have a chance, you should visit the Grand Canyon. I recommend you stay at least a few days. The bus tour was too quick. I would have loved to go hike or take a mule tour. The helicopter ride would have been breathtaking. We plan on going back and doing more stuff. It was just amazing. I can not even explain the feeling you get while you are standing there and just looking…with your mouth open. WOW was used a lot from us. I hope you all get to go one day. I loved the whole experience.


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  1. Doraz these picture are simply beautiful. I love the ones of you, and was really glad I could enlarge them because of me having bad eyes. Thank you so much for sharing you amazing vacation with us. I am packed and ready to go, and maybe even stop by my sister’s farm on the way. LOL

  2. I’ll add to the WOWS. I would LOVE to see it. The pictures are breathtaking. It sounds a lot like how I felt seeing Niagara Falls. You can’t explain the power and greatness of it, you just have to see it in person.

  3. i long to see this place some day.


  4. Fun Pictures, glad you had such a good time. ;+)

  5. Lovely! And the canyon isn’t bad either!

  6. Wow!

    Could they please move that to within 100 miles of my house?



  7. these pics are adorable xxx

  8. Magnificent place!!!
    Your photos are great!!!
    The Grand Canyon i saw it only in pictures.I would like to visite it few days! 🙂
    Thank you for share it,dear Doraz!!!

    Have fun!!

  9. We were there a few years ago for a long weekend. Before that I hadn’t been there in 25 years! I would love to go back and hike down to the Phantom Ranch …

  10. Great photos ! You looking stunning :>:

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