Breakfast at Ginger’s- Golden Retriever dog eats with hands ….For ALL dog lover’s*

I got this cute video emailed to me by……. CONTRIBUTED by:KRISTI KEYPERS

I thought it would brighten your day.

Have fun.

30 Responses

  1. I saw this video on theme Thursday post from another blogger,
    cute and fun one!

  2. brilliant video dear, great to have u back, hope you had a good holiday.

  3. Thanks… needed a laugh this morning! very funny lol

  4. lol love this video

  5. That’s adorable. So did doggie get the snack?

  6. That is bloody hilarious!

  7. Such a cute video! They really did do a great job. I wonder if Makwa would go for that idea? :+)

  8. Thanks for sharing sweetie. I loved watching the video, is was so cute.

  9. I cant believe it. what a sight it must be. 🙂

  10. My computer don’t seem to want to play the video. But I will , I may have already said this but thanks for visiting my site.

  11. welcome back…love that vid…i drink my coffee just like that…lol.

  12. lol. i actually knew about this video.
    Its in my fave list on youtube.
    But i watched it again because it’s so cool

  13. That was so hilarious, really enjoyed it 😀

  14. dog breakfast, very good one here. I liked it.

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