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Gaseous clouds
have been detected
around Uranus.


Police station toilet stolen…
Cops have nothing to go on


If Noah had been smart , he would
have swatted those two flies.


44 Responses

  1. Somewhere down the road ..of my journey in this life…I went from a Miss to a Ma”am.

    Now a days, if someone calls me Miss…they usually want something.

    • lol! Lusia – here’s a lil poem I wrote for you, on the subject of miss, Miss 🙂

      say, miss, can i have a kiss miss? 😉
      can i can i, will you try?
      ya see, i am the apple of your eye.

      what’s that miss? you don’t know me?
      hey – i’m the pancake guy at the

      you know, i’m the one who
      winks at you…
      the handsome dude (ok,i’m four foot two
      and i’m horizontally challenged
      but we’ll talk that through)

      miss, can i have a kiss miss? 😉
      can i can i, will you try?
      ya see, i am the apple of your eye. 🙂


      Loving your awesome blog!

      • John, I just LOVE your poem and your sense of humor in life. This has got me smiling BIG time. 🙂 I want to thank you for taking the time to send me a PERSONAL gift, such as this beautiful poem you have written. You have made my day. I thank you…and blow you a kiss or two or three…from CA. lol 🙂

        • Lusia you stay in my heart always! I love making your day and here I am catching the kisses you blow to me…all the way from CA… lol .. yummy!.. I am soooo lucky! 🙂 (((Hugs))) from me to you as I blow you kiss or two or three….. from England.lol 🙂

  2. I try to get the persons name instead of calling them Miss or Ma’am. It is hard at times. 🙂

    Guys are always a Sir. Tooo easy for them. lol 🙂

    See ya in the am.
    Night Night

  3. Oooh, I used to insist people call me Miss rather than Ma’am. Hate the sound of it when it’s directed towards a 30-something.

  4. I’m just about finished reading for today…must get up early tomorrow and I’ve barely finished my poem for tonight..but I just love ending my day with your post…it brings a smile to my face…truly find your post uplifting an antidote for what I write…and although sometimes I start out with a cheerful note…my muse takes control…well you already know what happens then. 😉

    • I do wonder about what you are going to end up writing every time I visit you. lol 🙂 You have some very powerful messages we all need to hear. 🙂 Stay happy. Glad to see ya. 🙂

  5. LOL on the jokes at the end.

    I don’t mind Ma’am anymore. I guess I am one and it shows respect from a young person to say it. I, especially love Mississippi and their southern slow twang speaking it. Very sweet.

  6. Well no one calls me ma’am or miss ! They all address me by my name . :-0 The only people I know of calling me ma’am are salesmen! lol

    Girl or Woman? – Do people think of you as a girl or a woman?


  7. I used to have to call female officers that in the Navy. Great post ma’am

  8. My Mother was big on ma’am, and it was one word that my siblings and I had better not forget or we would be running around in circles crying “Yes Ma’am! Yes Ma’am! While she was sparing the rod at the wood shed down by the barn. LOL To this day I thank God for giving me a Mother who loved me enough to care what kind of person I grew up to be. She taught me to like “ME” so I could like, love, care about, and respect others. I would never have dreamed in a million years the word ma’am could teach you so much. Even at the age of 64 I still say yes ma’am. I taught my girls to say it and now I have the pleasure of teaching my grandchildren to say it.

    Doraz ask the question
    My answer
    I feel like myself! “Yes Ma’ma, I do!

    • Viola…I love your story. I love that you shared this memory with us. Your Mom is cool, in my book. I also was taught respect. I teach that to my kids….and many others…who need that valuable lesson. 🙂 You are toooo cool. Hope your husband is home and feeling better. 🙂 Do you like the rose I used for you on my blogroll? It is MY personal favorite, I wanted YOU to have. 🙂

  9. lol 🙂
    cute post.

  10. I only use “Ma’am” as a palindrome these days.

  11. I was pretty young when I was first called Maam I use to work in fine dining restaurants and yes they usually wanted something. At first I was a little annoyed because I was so young but now I don’t mind.

  12. I’m fine with Ma’am, it’s “gal” that I absolutely hate!!!

    Somebody calls me “gal” and I just wanna punch them!

  13. Oh, you are so sweet Doraz. I love my beautiful rose, and it shines as bright as you. Thank you sweetie. Larry is home, but still having a problem with holding food down, and is still ill. I am now taking him back and forth for the tests being done on him.

  14. you are precious, very funny always making us smile xxx

  15. u never stopped amazing me..

  16. We southern girls say ma’am and take no offense at being called ma’am except in the instance you stated, ha!

  17. Why do all the words in languages for women over 30 sound so awful? Grrrr….this was funny though!


  19. 🙂 hope you saw my lil poem against your first 2 June comment? 🙂

  20. its perfectly fine to me. it gives a little time to judge each other before becoming friends 🙂

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