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I can only imagine how you felt…
On those nights when the horror around you was crushing.
Your soul and your determination at battle with one another.

Your courage and your beliefs were your only comfort…
One you did not really want to share…
But one that was necessary for survival.

I want to thank you for those moments.
I want to honor you with all of my deepest respects.

May you know that I DO appreciate you and what you have done to make my life possible today.


Luisa Doraz


24 Responses

  1. Doraz, I wholeheartedly agree with you. God bless the men and women who protect and serve our great country.

  2. I do agree with u.

  3. Lovely tribute Doraz.

  4. lovely tribute. when will we wake up in a warless world?

  5. Doraz this is very touching. Thank you for honoring our military men and women who serve our great country.

  6. We are save today because of someone who has gone to the borders to protect us…
    Thanks to all those men and women..

  7. Happy Memorial Day! I just discovered Google Reader:)

  8. beautiful poem.
    Happy Memorial Day!

  9. very nice tribute poem bravo xxxx

  10. What a touching recognition of our brave soliders. Beautifully written. Hope your Memorial day was safe and happy.

  11. Great tribute 🙂

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