The Cute Princess…LAUGH with DORAZ*

There once was a really cute princess who was walking through the woods. All of a sudden she heard a voice calling, “Hey Really Cute Princess!”

She looked around and didn’t see anyone or anything but a frog sitting on a big rock. She started to carry on her way but the frog called again. “Hey Really Cute Princess, if you take me home and let me sleep on your pillow next to you, I will turn back into a Handsome Prince!”

It had been a very long and boring day so she decided to pick up the frog and give it a try though she really didn’t believe the frog at all.

The Really Cute Princess took the frog home with her and let him sleep on her pillow beside her. When she woke up the next day what do you think she found? There on her pillow beside her sat a really Handsome Prince.

Do you believe this story?

No! Neither did her mother!

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  2. LOL My frog turned into a handsome prince 38 years ago, and although he is many years older with many winkles, and get around slowly he is still handsome. hehehehehehehe Happy Sunday Sweetie.

  3. Have a great Sunday too Doraz and a blessed week:-)

  4. awe chicky that was sweet, very well told, a small token for you xxx

  5. I am gullible enough to believe it…

  6. teehee. hope he can out run the shotgun…

  7. Hah, a really cute story!
    Have a great fun week.

  8. certainly not the ending I expected! Very funny!

  9. funny!

  10. this is one of the cutest fairy tales i have ever read. 🙂 loved it.

  11. cute fairy tale!

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