My two sons take after their father in many ways. The most recent way is in the area of ones wisdom teeth. It appears that my second son must have his pulled in the morning. We went for a consultation today. My first son had his all pulled 2 years ago. What a mess that was. Now, we get to repeat the fun. My husband also had his wisdom teeth removed. So, it appears the men in the household have NO MORE WISDOM! That does explain A LOT to me! I on the other hand, have ALL of my wisdom teeth. SO THERE! I ask you….”Who holds the strength of wisdom and knowledge in this household?”…You had better answer that one correctly, or else…my Italian New Yorker side may become visible! lol Have fun today. I am sure I will! I will be by asap!

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz

34 Responses

  1. Nothing like an ailing son to run a mama ragged. Hang in there Luisa! πŸ™‚

  2. Oh dear… YOU are the WISEST of them all!
    Go GIRL!
    Happy Easter!

  3. AAwww, well I hope all goes really well. I hope it is a piece of cake. Mmmm cake mmm cheesecake ;+) see how easily distracted I am today. Back to well wish hope goes well and heals quickly!

  4. Wooo Hoo for wisdom ..I have 2 of mine..I guess it doesnt hold true for our family….Lolol…Thanks for stopping by and …have a great weekend..!

  5. like father like sons so they say, horrid things, not pleasant hope he is ok πŸ™‚

  6. good thing to know,
    it shows connections in family…
    thank you for sharing!

  7. We are back home now. The procedure took about 40 minutes. The recovery took about 3 hours! My son, at 16 years old is 6’2″ and a big guy. The Doctor told us they had to use 3 shots, instead of one…to knock him out! lol

  8. He will not let me post his photos! I guess he is getting better! Ugh! πŸ™‚

  9. lol. i’ve never grown them.
    What does that say

  10. I hate the dentist more than brussel sprouts & that’s a lotta hate

  11. I’ve got all four of mine, and still manage to have my not-so-sexy gap between my teeth. God blessed me with one hell of a big mouth, lol. Literally, and figuratively.


  13. Your 2 sons inherited their father’s wisdom teeth, but they must have inherited something great from you to make up for it!
    Lindsey Petersen

  14. Yeah. Have fun with that. *sheesh* I had mine out when I was in my late 30’s It wasn’t bad at all but I’m a fast healer. Hope it went well.

    (I wondered why I’ve gotten dumber. I thought it was from having children! Every time I had a child I lost some brain cells. Good I stopped with 3)

    • lol
      You may have some valid points there. We moms have always been one to make many sacrifices for our children, right? Hope you have a beautiful Easter!

  15. Hope the extraction went well! I only had two wisdom teeth and a few years ago one became infected, so out they came. Could’ve been worse, my wife had to have four of them pulled.

  16. I say you’re the wisest in your household, all the men should listen to everything you say

  17. Well I still don’t have my wisdom teeth so no comments here ! And just wanted to know why did you husband got it removed?

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