Wonder and amazement
In the eyes of those who laugh
Wisdom and tranquility
In the heart of those who share

Despair and frustration
In the mind that ceases to grow
Weariness and burden
In the body of one who ceases to care

The mind and the body are together
In the battle to survive
Trust in them and what they serve
In that trust… you will thrive

Believe in Yourself

Luisa Doraz

Thursday Poets’ Rally Week 11 The Perfect Poet Award….inspired by JINGLE

My dear Jingle…
As you can see…
I am so happy…
That you think of me…
To participate…
In what I can see…
To express blogging community…
The Thursday’s Poet Rally…
Makes all who join in see…
That we are all a part of…
A FABULOUS blogging family…

I will have to leave you the honor…
Of passing this award…


….for all of your support and kindness!


32 Responses

  1. You really touched on the mind/body connection here. One must believe in oneself and love oneself in order to trust others and love freely. Good job in capturing the essence.

  2. Very true my wise friend. πŸ™‚

  3. I believe. I care. I want to thrive. I want to live!

    Great poem and message. Smiles to you.

  4. The mind and the body are together
    In the battle to survive
    Trust in them and what they serve
    In that trust… you will thrive

    how right you are,
    beautiful poem!

  5. the week 11 award post is out,
    check to see if you like it,
    you can choose any one of the available logos to take,
    have fun!


    • I feel bad because I will be placing the beautiful honor under my “Special Gifts” page. Is that OK with you? I do not want to upset the great theme you have established with all of the other bloggers. πŸ™‚

  6. Wonderful msg and very inspiring write. Well penned.

  7. Please, I plead, please
    let our minds learn to grow
    We are often living
    in a mind filled with snow
    Give us a chance to crawl
    through the struggles of life
    Allow us to reach, to dream
    allow us to survive
    We are in a midst of a person
    who sees life like you
    It may take us some time
    to secure your visionary truth

  8. Such an uplifting poem…some days it’s what we all need…thanks!

  9. beautiful poem Luisa, loved it xxx

  10. Love your poem…it’s very positive and inspirational. Believe! I just came across a very motivational video about believing in oneself. It’s about the Harvard women’s basketball coach that teaches her players to β€œAct As If” they are champions and it works!

  11. Hi Betty….thank you for your comment. Inspiration is the key to dedication! πŸ™‚ Have a great Friday!

  12. wonderful verse and so true…you cant treat one without the other…and belive in yourself is a message all need to hear. congrats on the award!

  13. Doraz, You amazed me…. this is absolutely a wonderful and awesome poem. I love each and every verse. CONGRATULATIONS on your award, well deserved. hugs, shakira

  14. outstanding,
    you rocked this week!

    sweetest poet award for you in my previous post,
    Happy Friday!
    Get it along to share!

  15. dear doraz,
    this is simply FABULOUS! I completely agree with your words (and i often shamelessly preach them to others to make them happy).
    Jingle is AWESOME, I really often think about her dedication and capacity.

    have wonderful time ahead,
    with warmest wishes,

  16. Congrats jingle for this ! Doraz you’ve got poetry writing talent too ??!! You’re multi-talented !

  17. Within this funny woman lives such a powerful poet.. This is one of your best, it’s true, it’s easy to read and it’s beautiful

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