Taking theFamiliar for Granted….a poem*

A mother who smiles as she prepares breakfast…
A father who checks your brakes to be sure you are safe…
A sister who keeps your secrets stored away in her heart…
A brother who would do anything to insure your happiness…

The toothbrush that serves as your tool for that smile…
The hairbrush that makes you feel like you look presentable…
The coffeemaker that does not complain having to work so early in the day…
The dishwasher that makes sure you will be able to serve those meals that you prepare …

The school that houses all you will need to grow in mind…
The gym that keeps your body ready to take on a challenge…
Your church that is a symbol of your faith and your inner peace…
The new day that makes anything possible to achieve…

I do not take any of these gifts for granted.

Have a great week!

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz


11 Responses


  2. A good reminder for me to be more observant and thankful. Good poem and message Doraz.

  3. Very beautiful line . I loved the words . Many times we take things for granted and when we loose them we realize their importance in our lives.

    • I do believe that is true. That is why I do my best to appreciate all in life…will I have the chance! 🙂 Glad you are back! Hope all is well! Will be over asap! 🙂

  4. A blogging friend such as you pop over and write a love note making others smile!

    I have been trying to be thankful, if I could not appreciate ot give notice to all details, then at least I will not complain or be picky…that’s what we can do,,,we can do more….

    Thank you for the remarkable poem!

    • I do my best to not complain. It is hard sometimes to be quiet! 🙂 I just get my thoughts together…and move ahead! 🙂 With a smile, of course! Have a fun day!

  5. im not a complainer, except I am asking WHEN DO I GET MY BROWNIE lol, great post xx

  6. This is beautiful!!!!!
    I love the poem that you write it,my dear friend!

    Thanks for share it 😉

    Enjoy your day!!!!!!! 🙂

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