I have had the pleasure of visiting my blogging friend Cocorue for some time now. I just love the inspiration and kindness I am greeted with. I have been passed on this great award by Cocorue…and am very thankful! Do take some time to visit Cocorue…and leave a comment.

I was also very happy to see that Jingle had received these 2 great awards and was nice enough to pass them on to me! THANKS! I love the variety and fun that I find…every time I visit Jingle. So, I am thankful for this honor and hope you will all go take a peek at Jingle’s blog!


I have had to make a difficult decision. I am sooo happy that I have sooo many blogging friends who have FANTASTIC blogs and who get many awards. I feel SOOOO SPECIAL when these awards on passed on to me. BUT…..THIS POST will be the LAST TIME I am going to PASS ON AWARDS I RECEIVE. I will be placing them…from now on….in my PAGE TAB under SPECIAL GIFTS. I will have a link to the FANTASTIC person who passed an award on to me. If that is something you can live with, I will happily accept any future awards. If not, DO NOT WORRY. I know you all love me! Now, I happily pass these great awards on to ALL OF my blogging friends….. Please visit them when you can and support their efforts to make us all smile!

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz



11 Responses

  1. As nice as awards are, that’s why I started my Accolades! page. You deserve all your awards and are very generous handing out same.

  2. excellent, im with u on that…. it can go on forever lol in a nice way, im doing the same, apart from my special award, created by my fine hand lol, well done Luisa, as the lady above said, u deserve them all xxx and if I have to come back here once more I will just live here, hahhaha

  3. nicely put.
    cheers, 😉

  4. I love this…can I copy you? Can I, huh? I’ve been stressed about this for over a month now. Goodness, it even slowed down my writing.

    • Be my guest! I was getting to the point of exhaustion! I love the recognition, but I am soooo confused when it comes to passing on the awards. I have sooo many great blogging friends! 🙂 Keep writing! I love your work!

  5. Of course you won these, you are such a “good friend” blogger! Congratulations D!

  6. Congratulations,Doraz! 😉

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