THE DOCTOR IS IN….a poem by Robert**

He was doctor to all

And doctor to me

He guided his boat

With a sail on the sea

Father and mentor

A man full of tales

He often spun stories

On the point of a nail

Magician, illusionist,

He held us in ah

With card tricks, rope tricks

And the disappearance of balls

He had hobbies of trains

And he studied the stars

He followed the moon,

Jupiter and Mars

The Baker Street Irregulars

Would often run amuck

But with a name like Musgrave

We were always in luck

The parties he hosted

Brought holiday cheer

To family and friends

From afar and near

He held center court

When carving the bird

And we all felt the warmth

When he twirled his words

He had a life that many

Thought long and complete

And was held in esteem

When walking down a street

Our remembrances of him

Go on and on

For me, I can tell you,

There was only one Don


Robert Wayne

BE SURE TO VISIT ROBERT by clicking below: THANKS!



8 Responses

  1. This poem brought a warm smile to my face….thank you!

  2. funny and sunny!

  3. another cracker Robert, great post 🙂

  4. Wonderful tribute Robert. 🙂

  5. Woooooooooow.
    This is great!I love it!
    His bolg is awesome 😉
    I wait to read new poems by Robert.
    Thanks for share it with us,Doraz!
    You rock 😉

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