Girl power…..LAUGH with DORAZ*

Four friends spend weeks planning the perfect girls getaway trip – shopping, massages, facials.

Two days before the group is to leave Mary’s husband puts his foot down and tells her she isn’t going.

Mary’s friends are very upset that she can’t go, but what can they do.

Two days later the three get to the hotel only to find Mary sitting in the bar drinking a glass of wine.

“Wow, how long you been here and how did you talk your husband into letting you go?”

“Well, I’ve been here since last night. Yesterday evening I was sitting on the couch and my husband came up behind me and put his hands over my eyes and said ‘Guess who’?”

I pulled his hands off to find all he was wearing was his birthday suit. He took my hand and lead me to our bedroom. The room was scented with perfume, had two dozen candles and rose petals all over. On the bed, he had handcuffs and ropes! He told me to tie and cuff him to the bed, so I did. And then he said, “Now, you can do whatever you want.”

So here I am.



34 Responses

  1. Every paycheck I get, I treat myself. I work hard paying those bills. I want something too! 🙂 🙂

  2. Ha, thanks for the laugh. Gift for me? Very rarely.


  4. Ha ha ha…….Very funny and entertaining post Doraz. I liked it a lot. 🙂

  5. Wow!! wot a lovely post Doraz. Full of humor. Thanks for this. Take Care.

  6. 😀

    Awesome, Lovely. Wot a sense of humor Doraz. Gr8 post. Very entertaining. Keep it up. Thanks for sharing and making us laugh.

  7. Thanks for the joke to begin my day. lol

  8. I like to have lunch with my good friends, as often as possible with our schedules. We usually pick a place that has GREAT bread rolls! 🙂 Nice and warm…with lots of butter! 🙂

  9. Not sure about your question. I buy myself stuff all the time. I suppose to make it special would be to buy at full retail price!

  10. lol trust a man to spoil things heheh, great post, as always hilarious, brightens my day xx

  11. Ah yes! Sweet!
    I give myself a mental break (quick trip to Vegas for lunch, shopping, or haircut) every couple of months. As for purchasing a special gift, well it probably equals out to the same, every few months. I just ordered a Flip camera, so that was my recent indulgence.

  12. lol.
    i do like adult jokes

  13. LOL This one caught me off guard! 🙂

  14. And then he said, “Now, you can do whatever you want.”
    So here I am.

    hahaha!! Brill! :DI’m running out of superlatives! (I’ll go to the store later) your jokes are funny and just plain wonderful! 😀

    Can I write you a poem about what all these happy delightful things that you keep on posting? ,…. can I? …can I?…. pleeeeze… did you say NO? … errr Oh, ok then… hey is that your phone in the kitchen?… someone calling huh? … you go answer it.. I don’t mind waiting 😉

    (hehehehe.. Doraz gas gone to get that call… now for a poem for her 🙂

    The jokes you post
    are just the most
    amazing things,
    they make me laff –
    thank god I’m not
    reading them while
    I take a bath,
    cuz if I were I’d sink
    and slide hooting
    with laughter,
    ribs aching, slipping
    making waves
    over the side!

    So here I am,
    you’re picking up the phone
    and I wrote this for YOU
    while I was on my own,,
    waiting for you to get back
    and tell me the darn phone
    didn’t ever ring…

    …and I’ll be smiling and saying
    “now aint that the darndest thing?
    ” 😀

    ps: you are amazing and this Palace of Delight shines with your love and your big heart… and all the love you give out here 😀

    I am so fortunate to know you and to have your friendship 🙂

  15. “Palace of Delight”

    I LOVE that! You have got to be one of the VERY most versatile poets I have ever had the PLEASURE of meeting! You do have a “silly” side! I LOVE THAT! You have me smiling ALL DAY on this one! Thank you! 🙂

    • LOL I love that you love that 😀
      You are awesome… so versatile in all your posts! Never the same joke twice in The Palace of Light a.k.a. The House of Fun!. I got a very “silly” side an whenever I come over to you it takes over heheheh!

      Wait is that your phone again? lissen why doncha…. oh heck! – you aint buying
      it this time… Lan’ sakes you are the living end. I jus gotta find another way
      of writing a fun poem while you busy in da kitchen or maybe watching Amos and Andy… no ..stop!… hold on! put dose shoes down… I aint gdubbya …hahahah! LOL 😀

      I LOVE having you smiling all day! Go on.. dare ya to grin nonstop without blinking for the next 24 hours! hahahah!

      Thank you lovely huggy Doraz my beautiful talented happy deepheart amazing friend!

      baby John

  16. Baby John! You got me laughing at that one! It was a fun surprise! You have a great sense of humor! Being funny is not an easy thing. See what I mean by reading this post. I know you understand. :)

  17. This is great :))
    She is smart :))
    10X for the laughs,Doraz 😉

    Enjoy your day!!!! 🙂

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