I seem to wither

Like a leave on a tree

Searching for honey

Where there aren’t any bees

My walks are tireless

I travel alone

Needing directions

I need to be shown

Zest is a word

That ceased to exist

I have desires to trounce

With hand clenched fists

The path before me

Has a fork in the road

Either way,

I must carry a load

I look for companions

To journey with me

Begrudgingly I brew

Just one cup of tea

I may be loved

But I’m numbed by the touch

Never desiring a hand

Or given a crutch

I hear a voice

And angels appear

They softly tell me

There’s nothing to fear

I beckon for answers

A riddle is told

Go look for warmth

In the midst of the cold

I feel confused and muddled

What does it all mean

So I search for the truth

Never to be seen

The end is near

A branch beckons to me

I cradle the roots

Of a deadening tree

Leaves cover my corpse

I’m dead to the earth

I meld with the soil

To a glorious rebirth


Robert Wayne


14 Responses

  1. Wow….I love that poem…I have never read it till now but that is amazing

  2. Hi Doraz. Very nice poem, Robert. Enjoyed it.

  3. very nice Robert, strong Imagery and lovely flow, superb work, bravo 🙂

  4. Nice one.

  5. that’s very brave poem, Robert.
    Keep shining,
    U will go pro in NO time.

  6. Woow.Tells him that i wait to see his blog soon 😉
    He is very talented!
    Thank you for introduce him to us,Doraz!
    You are a great friend. 🙂

    Take and have fun! 😉

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