It was written on parchment, with quill and pen

By one of our fore fathers, a patriot among men

We were taught the meaning, and told the myth

The freedom, the heritage, the battle, the gift

I walked from the classroom, with a chuckle and a hiss

What is this “ Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”?

On the bus ride home, I pondered the thought

And if I was English, I’d say “what rot”

Wherever one lives, and whenever there’s laws

You’re a prisoner of life, with little or no cause

So the driver stopped, and I got off the bus

And I thought, why did the patriots make such a fuss

I walked up the driveway, that was paved with dirt

And peered at a house, containing nothing but hurt

The words of Jefferson, were seared in my mind

Was there someplace on Earth, where the world could be kind

So I wandered through grooves, where the bees buzzed with fun

And I frolicked with the dogs, amongst the wind and sun

I played catch with myself, throwing balls in the air

And laid by the creek, and just stared into the air

But the time did come, when I’d walk through the door

And knew all too readily, what was in store

The arguments, the criticism, the pain, and the dread

The bed that laid empty, from the man that was dead

I, in pursuit of happiness indeed

Of life and liberty, and if I could be freed

But I was ignored, just a secondary thought

Like junk at swap meet, discarded when bought

I was drowned in bitterness, and was forced to stay

While my sister did run, and she ran far away

Day after day, I would return to school

Ignoring my demons, and just playing the fool

But Jefferson’s words, were etched on my sword

And at least with him, I had struck an accord

Step by step, I would continue to walk

And write my words on blackboards with chalk

Cause, the pursuit of happiness and liberty in life

Is lonely and often ladened with strife

Robert Wayne


27 Responses

  1. Wow Robert. That’s amazing. It’s wild, but the irony never even hit me when I was little. How bizarre. Thank You for sharing Your journey and soul! And Thank You Doraz for sharing Your friend! Cheers and Namaste. 🙂

  2. very beautiful!

  3. Lovely……Doraz rocks 😛

  4. Very nice post Doraz….keep it up.

  5. It seems today is the day for brilliant poems, because this was superb, your writing just gets better by the day xx

  6. Wow, get a blog Robert!

  7. That was fantistic…..really made me think…..Thank your for sharing your find!! 🙂

  8. Thought-provoking words Robert.

  9. Woooow.He is really a talented man.
    He has an interessting way to describe feelings and situations.
    I hope that he will start his blog soon 🙂

    Have a special day,Doraz! 😉

  10. how can we know what happiness is.
    Without misery as a comparison.
    The pursuit of happiness.
    is a road that goes on forever and ever and ever.
    This is a great poem and your friend is very talented

  11. GO ROBERT~~~~~~~~

  12. Thanks for the comments……. Robert can be found at……

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