My friend….,Robert is a very creative person. He has many talents! I have encouraged him to start a blog of his own that features his work. He was nice enough to share some of his poems with me, that I am allowed to share with you all! Please help me to encourage Robert to start his own blog! Let him know what you think! Thanks all!

There are some out there

That desire to be seen

They live their lives

On a mountain of dreams

They beg to be different

A most popular new self

Of fame, of fortune,

A notoriety, a wealth

To them, their bodies are mangled

Their faces are crude

Their personality are fractured

They’re often called rude

I’ve been there, I’ve known them

I’ve felt their plight

I’ve been through the battles

I’ve fought their fight

I know that beauty

Is only skin deep

I’ve seen the damage

When you’re called a creep

Salutations and greetings,

With a gesture or two

Brings rays of sunshine

And skies of blue

So, please be friendly and helpful,

Be kind to us all

Give a hand to someone

Who might stumble and fall

Cause a friendly hello

Will warm the heart

And a smile to someone

Is a place you can start

Robert Wayne


33 Responses

  1. Robert, this is what the world needs to hear. I love poetry that speaks to beauty and its attainment. What is more beautiful than a warm heart? I vote blog. 🙂

  2. true,
    I believe that reaching our is cool,
    for u,
    the first step is to have a blog,
    then we will follow Doraz to visit u,
    the more u write,
    the better u r,

    my Thursday Poets’ Rally always welcome fresh poet and poetry…

    let me know after u have a blog,
    I will represent u as fresh poet,
    a dozen friends will pour in,
    followed by awards and smiles…


  3. Now you make me curios about other poems that you wrote it, Robert.
    Jingle and Doraz have right. First start a blog and then let us know about your new poems too 😉

    Enjoy your time, Doraz and Robert 🙂

    p.s Robert: see ya next time 😀
    p.s Doraz: this is a good initiative, my friend! We must encourage people who share them feelings, ideas and thoughts through poems 🙂

  4. Robert
    It is true for you
    that writing is an art
    So, quit being such a slow poke
    and begin to start
    a blog just for you
    that you can be
    as happy and carefree
    as me!

  5. Nice work Robert. Good Luck with your blog.

  6. excellent poem, great imagery great message..

  7. Wonderful poem Robert. I’d like to read more if you started your own journal.

  8. Congrats to Robert! I enjoyed his poem, even though I have a hard time with poetry, I’m too dumb about it. I hope he enjoys blogging. Although, most times I feel guilty for not writing enough, not writing about what I want enough, and not reading other blogs enough.

  9. Hey Beautiful, wonderful Doraz!!! I missed You! Thanks for the Love You left my way while I was out! And Robert, this is lovely!!! BLOG BLOG BLOG!!! The world thirsts for such positivity! Thank You both for sharing! Big Hugs and Cheers and Namaste. 🙂

  10. Lovely poem Doraz

  11. Wow!! awesome I really liked the poem Doraz.

  12. Soooo cute Doraz. 🙂

  13. U R Mathematician, Doraz!
    I did not do that hard because if I do, someone will NOT do it at all!

    Great entries…

  14. Nice poem, Robert 🙂 Good luck.

  15. Beautiful doraz, it felt as if u r talking about people i know, i have met, i have felt, and they reflect me when i look in their eyes.

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