When I visited my blogging friend……Kseverny….he he had a wonderful surprise waiting for me. Not only was……

Kseverny…..honored with the SUNSHINE AWARD (congrats!), but he was sooo nice to pass it on to me! I am so honored to have such a great blogging friend who is soooo very talented. He writes poetry, does marveleous art, cooks MANY gorgeous food items, takes amazing photos, and so much more! I visit his blog every day! I hope you all have a chance to visit……Kseverny….you will be amazed! Just click the link below:

Kseverny’s Blog

Now, here are the rules for this award:

* Put the logo on your blog above or below your post.
* Pass the award to 12 blogger.
* Link the nominees within your post.
* Let the nominees know they have received the award by commenting on their blogs.
* Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award.

So, I proudly pass this SUNSHINE AWARD to all the following bloggers who have their own style and flair you do not want to miss checking out! CONGRATS to you all!














32 Responses

  1. wow,
    beautiful award,
    beautiful nominees,
    I visited most of them,
    impressive taste,
    I don’t mind U put me in blogroll.
    Happy Sunday!

  2. Thank you,Doraz for this beautiful award πŸ™‚
    It’s nice of you!
    Congratulations all πŸ˜‰

    Have a special day,my friend!


  4. WoW! how beautiful this all is!
    Congrats for the award and big hugs for your deep heart and kindness .
    So good to see the award passing to others too!
    Thanks for visiting my blog today, dear Doraz.
    Glad you like it there. You always bring light and happiness with you and add to the fun…. just like you do here on your own blog.
    I included you in my tribute on my page – hope you saw it when you dropped by today. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for everything you do.

  5. ps: Doraz – I went to see your poems, but as the comments are closed I’m giving you my tribute here. These are wonderful poems from your heart. I love these poems. Wonderful poet and a brilliant writer.

    Γ‰stos son maravillosos poemas de su corazΓ³n.Amo estos poemas . Maravilloso poeta y un escritor brillante.


  6. lol. Overselling me may bring me many page views.
    A very nice gift indeed.
    Congrats to all nominees.
    Your input is valuable

  7. Oh and lol. i love the domesticated dragon avatar, thanks again

  8. You are the sunshine Luisa. πŸ™‚ Thank you for spreading my way.

  9. hello doraz its dennis the vizsla dog hay congratchoolayshuns and thank yoo!!! i do hav flare dont i??? i think it must be becuz of the hat!!! ok bye

    • Dennis….I love your attitude! I also love that hat of yours! I would get one, but YOU ROCK in it and I would rather leave it that way! Have a fun week! Keep an eye on dada and mama! πŸ™‚

  10. Wow nice award!! You deserve it for all the sunshine you bring to us in blogland. You are a special and bright person. Congrats!!

  11. Thank you so much !! And many congratulations to you too !

  12. Gosh, thanks! You are too kind, really!

  13. THANKS Luisa! You know how I just LOOOOVE awards! πŸ˜‰

  14. Hi, Doraz,

    Thank you so much! That was very sweet of you. I am also a big KSeverny fan as well. I think he is unique and fun. I just changed my new website from the original one and changed the address as well-so that is why I have been away from PV for several days now. While I was working on it with my hubby–I grew tired of being online and couldn’t look at another theme without feeling like I’d rather be doing something else.

    I am also having a problem with my PV blog. I keep getting incoming spam links–like they are referring me–when I look it up–I find nothing. I might need to change my WP theme because I read that malicious code can redirect your page–my hits are way down too.

    Hubby home–I have to make breakfast.

    Thanks for the award–and I will pass it on today once I update PV πŸ™‚

    • Wow, thank you for the explanation. I hope you guys figure it all out and that you can get back to writing those beautiful poems! I will stay tuned! Your blog does bring a lot of sunshine to all of us! Thanks! πŸ™‚

  15. TQ TQ TQ and i’m so sorry to be so rude and not aknowledge this earlier……..pls forgive moi


  16. Congratulations to you, you’re the funniest lady I know…. Thank you for this, I’m honored.

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