Rod was surrounded by family and friends. They were all each expressing their love with memories. One family member said, ” I will always remember Uncle Rod when it was time for us to go. He never said good-bye…he always smiled and said,……..”Toodles!”

Rod passed today at 2pm upon hearing the word toodles spoken. He was at peace.
” Toodles Rod, until we meet again!”


12 Responses

  1. I’m extremely sorry to hear about Rod . The other day you’d asked us all to pray for him . I hope the family of Rod has accepted his death and are fine . Peace upon Rod .

  2. Sorry to read all about this.
    Toodles Rod


  4. so sorry,
    peace with Rod,
    prayers go to his family and friends…

  5. Blessings and peace wished to all of you that loved Rod. Sounds like a loving send off, I bet it brought him comfort. Toodles Rod. (A special hug sent out just for you Luisa)

  6. I am so sorry about Rod….he is now in the hands of God..he will be taken care of there. Give my best to his family!

  7. Sorry to hear about Rod. I’m sure that last “toodles” will carry him safely on his way.

  8. Sorry to hear this,my friend! 😦
    RIP Rod!

  9. Tasneem, Corve, LVISS, jingle, Jaymie, Terri, Dennis, and Alina…..thank you for your kind words. The family realizes that they have to come to terms with losing Rod, but they wish they were not in this place right now.

    Hope you are all well and I will be by asap. 🙂

  10. My sympathies dearest Doraz.

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