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I know someone hears me
I sense it in my heart
I know I am not alone
Even though days I succumb to that fear

One day I will be relieved of all of my burdens
I will be like those around me in this world I now live in
I must remain patient for this day
I must not be defeated

Others will learn of my existence
Compassion flowing from their hearts
Love is universal
Love is the ultimate power

If you feel it in your hearts, please show me love
I will gladly return it with my smiles


20 Responses

  1. Peace to all in this world

  2. Cool poetry.
    gets you thinking

  3. Uplifting–thanks for posting.

  4. A pleasure to read. Great photo of wonderful people deserving of love and a chance.

  5. Well said my friend.

  6. That’s very soul touching …we should be compassionate towards others and if we have love we have everything . 🙂
    Am I Generous?
    Are you the stingy vixen or the giveaway goddess?

  7. Beautiful tribute Luisa.

  8. Thank you,Doraz for this beautiful poem!
    It touched my heart.

    Take care!

  9. Beautiful poem, so much meaning and truth to it.

  10. Great and powerful words, you have a knack on writing how you feel. This is such an amazing tribute, Luisa.

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