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  1. This is so funny because not only do parents and children do this but also people in relationships lol

  2. I’ve been known to e-mail my wife as she sits in the next room …

  3. Funny ! I generally send a text message …

    How Communicative are You?
    Do you communicate effectively with your partner?

  4. Well, my wife calls me on the intercom when she needs me………no joke the phone has a room to room intercom built in it. If I am in my engraving shop she calls me for dinner because she does’nt want to get cold coming out to get me!

  5. This happens every time Art Major is home. In fact, he spends so much time over at his friends homes, I often think he should stay with them and visit us! Ah well, at least he has friends, yeah? Actually, I may start texting him when it is meal time. I get tired of running upstairs to tell him it’s meal time.

  6. When our youngest was a complex teen that wouldn’t talk much the IM kept us up to date with him. He would tell us much more over IM than he would in person. We’re past that point now but it sure was helpful then.

  7. I have been blessed with a loud voice. I am also Italian. So, I just YELL! LOL 🙂

  8. This is really funny :))
    For the children who doesn’t move from the computers is a good lesson too 🙂

    Have fun,my friend!

  9. my dad just used to shout dinner to all seven of us from the bottom of the stairs.
    no nonsense.
    in my messed up lifestyle i remember the times.
    You touched a nerve there doraz.

    • My husband comes from a family of seven children. He is half Italian and half Irish. His dad did the same thing! He says they ran to the table before all the food got eaten up! LOL 🙂 He did not think it was funny back then!

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