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  1. oh, the NOISE, sometimes it’s too much and can’t handle it.

  2. NOTHING TO DO!! There are NO cultural/artistic opportunities here. BORING!! Very boring here. The nearest decent shopping is 20 miles away. The nice thing is quiet solitude and a general feeling of safety. I suppose it’s a trade-off.

  3. I love where I live. It is a small community that is 30 minutes either way to the big city or the beach. There is always something to do!

  4. I miss warmer weather with impromtu time hanging out with the neighbors. Oh well, spring is just around the corner!

  5. The winters! The winters here are pretty rough. They are VERY cold and we get a pretty good amount of snow every year and I just don’t care for the cold or the snow at all.

  6. I basically like where I am living now. The community is pretty relaxed. I do miss a MAIN STREET….with all of the culture and charm that goes along with it. 🙂

  7. Hey thanks for the blog add.

    Where I live is rural and peaceful, but with the long cold winters it is difficult to find much to do with small children. When the weather cooperates, we can drive an hour or so to larger areas to entertain them, but otherwise we have to use all of our creative powers.

  8. i love everything about where i live except for the fact that it is still in america. i just cant seem be proud of my govt. 😦

    • It can be touch…at times. I try to focus on the good that it is doing for the people around me that I know and care about. That makes it a bit better. Looking at the total picture can get depressing! UGH!

  9. I love that we are close to Vegas. I loath that Meth is rampant.

  10. well, there is no oppurtunity to live on the edge.
    i feel safe walking home at night.
    There is something wrong with that. lol

  11. Noise from outside.
    Every day pass many cars from here and i’m not used with it.

    Take care!! 🙂

  12. I love our community, walking distance to the school where my kids go to, close to our church, shopping complex, theaters. I think I’m happy with it! 😀

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