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  1. With me, it is royal blue. I have eyes that have a tendency to go on the blue side if I am wearing blues, and hazel eyes…if I wear all other colors. I love to notice colors on people and how it reflects of their faces. 🙂

  2. I’m the exact same color, how fun. Makes my sometimes blue eyes pop!

  3. Nice question ,…. well I love wearing pink and orange …those are the colors which suits me the most among the rest ..
    Outfit Color Personality -What does your outfit color tell about you?

  4. darker shades of pink 🙂 geeeh, so feminine and hate it sumtimes, haha

  5. moi is a jewel tone dawg…..

    hey funny hooman, been thinking of you eventhough moi has not been on lately.

    chikisses and a Merry Christmas to one of the kindest, most loving hooman on blogosphere


  6. Orange! (Compliments, funny looks … same thing.)

  7. Warm red does but I don’t have anything that color right now, lol. I guess I better add that to Santa’s list! 😆

  8. Yellow seems to be my color in the summer when I’m all nice and tan. When I wear a yellow shirt in the summer I sometimes get comments. 😀

  9. I usually go for earth colors like browns or burgundy since it compliment my skin tone. So I guess, that’s the answer. Most of the time, I like matching colors and outfits but sometimes I’m in a crazy mood so I’ll go for something far out LOL.

  10. My girls say I look good in orange–earth tone orange. I would have to agree–but I would add black and brown to.

  11. Blues, Blues, Blues, Aquas, Blues! Although anything BRIGHT, like the colours I paint with, usually gets comments. Fun question! Thanks for the Love and Big Fat Hugs to You, Smiling One! Cheers and Namaste All. 🙂

  12. Coral. Perhaps it brings out the colour of my eyes, which I suppose is bloodshot.

  13. Red 🙂
    It’s my favourite colour and i like to dresse myself with a red t-shirt or a pantalon.

    Enjoy your day!!!

  14. Black for me. It makes me look thinner. It also makes me look younger for some reason.

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