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As I go out on my daily adventures, I am honored to meet many interesting people around town. They are interesting to me bacause they always seem to offer a different and bright perpective on things. Some of their beliefs and attitudes simply amaze me. I am fascinated with their homesty and zest for life. They seem to treat everything in their lives as a challenge they are priviledged to conquer. They feel priviledged becuase they are alive to tackle the hurdles that are made higher and higher each day for them! They just take it with a grain of salt, and keep plugging along. The people I refer to are the senior citizens of my town that I have the honor of knowing. I sure do appreciate them and I sure do appreciate them taking the time to explain about this crazy world we live in. You can have the same rewards. Just take a few minutes to stop and listen. That’s it. That is all they request!

Believe in Yourself;

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Luisa Doraz


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  1. Well said. Listening is a lost art in today’s society.

  2. Believe in yourself, such powerful and excellent advise.
    Our seniors have so much to share with us. A life time of experience and wisdom.
    good post

  3. Excellent post Luisa! Makes me think of my grandmothers. I am blessed that both of my boys are close with their grandparents, such wealth. πŸ™‚

  4. Amen! My youngest daughter’s choir went to 2 different nursing homes in the past two weeks to sing Christmas songs and hand out a few small presents. The kids and the seniors both enjoyed the time they spent together.

  5. Stop and listen – excellent advice!


  7. Great advice,my friend.Sometimes i forget to look around me and to listen others πŸ™‚

    Enjoy your time!!!

  8. Yes I really like to hear the talks of the old people..they are always trying to teach us the right things …they have lived their lives and understand the world much better than us off course . So unlike most of the young boys and girls I would choose to sit with an oldie and hear him/her saying about his life experiences than joining a party ..
    Am I Sociable – Do you behave in a likeable and acceptable manner?

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