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  1. One thing that kind of gets me thinking is the subject of time as it relates to my sleeping hours. If I do not have to sleep…. I would get sooo much more done in a day. I wish we could have a way to sleep if we want….and not sleep if we do not want to. That is, without having any medical or emotional problems that might come along with the deal! I have stayed up all night before….who hasn’t….but, I always had to get some rest…or I would get headaches or be really moody! So, I wish someone would invent something that is painless, and would allow us humans to not require sleep…if we don’t want it! Sound good to you? LOL 🙂

  2. That’s what I was going to say! Although…dreams are fun too. 🙂

  3. this may be lame, but it’s real, and it’s nothing else but…
    “Why do people never get contented with what they have?”
    It has always been my complain. Maybe if people would be contented with what they have there’d be no wars, broken marriages or friendships, suicides and the like…

    • You are very smart to bring this up. It is sooo true. It is hard for some people to define happiness. It seems everyone has different opinions! I am happy all the time, and it does not really take much to get me that way! 🙂 LOL

  4. No complains with life.. Life is huge… If life has hurted me in some ways it has also embraced me in other ways in a way life is balanced .. Life should be treated as a friend…you should live ‘with it’ happily..
    Perfect Life! -How perfect is your life?


  6. The stupidity and rudeness of the general public.

  7. I think life is good so there’s nothing to complain about. Maybe a little here and there but in general, LIFE IS GOOD and if I’ll get another chance to choose who I wanted to be, I’ll say me. 😀

  8. The little pink and blue pegs are difficult to put into the little plastic cars.
    … but I do like using that spinner better than dice or cards.

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