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  1. Well the TV shows !

  2. honestly almost everyone in the family. theyre a bunch of clowns and im the sad one, haha


  4. Usually it is which brother-in-law fights with my mother-in-law first, god bless her, she rocks, but she knows how to start some good battles. (This is our little secret, by the way.)

    How about you?

    • Oh boy, fights! Those are fun! At our big Italian get-together…we always have them! The person that makes me laugh the most is the person who is in the worst mood. I always have them wearing a different hand, in no time! :)t

  5. Husband’s sisters always have kooky stories to tell.

  6. My youngest sister always includes a laugh everytime we speak. 🙂 Her and I generally laugh to the point of tears at some point when we hang out.

  7. My buddy, Jake is always a riot. He is always telling us stupid stories. Fun guy.

  8. Without a doubt, you! I am amazed at how you can get everyone laughing and carrying on silly. We always have fun, that is until you get mad at someone. ROFLMAO 🙂 🙂


  10. It always make me laugh when my youngest son (he’s 8) gets kissed by his aunts. He wipes the lipstick off his cheeks with a look that says,”Yuck!”

    One more, usually after the dinner and after the gifts were opened, when everybody gather around the living room to chat and enjoy some cold or hot drinks, their grandpa (he is 70 plus) takes a nap on the easy chair and the young ones poke fun at him as he sleeps with his mouth open and snores loud. This happens almost every year, it’s a memory that the kids will always have when they get older. 😀

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